Does this sound familiar ?

Does this sound familiar ?

We received an inquiry recently that is all to familiar to us:

sorry about the short notice but sitter we had lined up has a domestic emergency.

Whilst I support owner/operated pet care services as there is always a place in the market for them – you have to consider the above.  If your sitter has an “emergency” of any kind, what ARE their back up procedures to assure you that they can provide continuation of care ?   That they won’t leave YOU in this desperate situation ?   This also applies to friends, family and neighbours.


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Do they have their kids or husband as a back up ?  If so, you have to ask how reliable is their husband REALLY if the emergency is medical and he’d rather be of support to his wife than do “her” work.  If it is this person’s kids, once again, are they reliable ?  What will happen if the whole family has the emergency thus the kids are not available either ?

Even if the sitter uses another business as their back up – is it a true back up ?  Will this other sitter be available at the last minute ?

The above won’t ever happen with us here at Gold Coast Pet Sitting.  That’s our promise and my goal.  We work as a team.  You are always given a primary pet carer and the rest of us (myself as the owner included) act as back up to always ensure that if an emergency DOES happen with your primary sitter – you have the assurance and peace of mind when you invest with us that we will continue to take care of everything.

Our clients are the ones that cancel on us not the other way around 🙂

As the owner of my business, I’m very passionate about this industry and pet care thus I’ve put in a lot of hard work to be able to provide you  (the client) with the best return on your investment with us: peace of mind.

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