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You may have seen a status update from us recently, spreading awareness about a spate of dog thefts. There are also hoaxes regarding this, being spread on Facebook. This post is NOT a hoax, and the information in it has been given directly to us by the owner of the dogs involved.

Yesterday afternoon, one of ABR’s friends in the Tweed/Gold Coast area almost lost her Huskies. Thankfully, a couple of brave teenagers saw a woman trying to drag one of the dogs through the gate and confronted her. The woman told them that the owner had asked her to take the dogs to the vet. When the boys questioned her further, she punched the dog she had hold of in the stomach, fled to a small white van and sped off. The boys then called the police and the dogs’ owner.

Police have advised people to be aware that dog thefts are usually related to dogfighting rings and profiteering from backyard breeding. Entire dogs are therefore most at risk (yet another reason to get your dog desexed). Sadly, the way the dogfighters work is to ‘blood’ their dogs first using small, old or weak dogs that are easy to kill. They then introduce them to more and more difficult dogs to fight to build their skill. Arctic breeds are valued for this due to their thick coat making it harder to penetrate and therefore harder to wound the dog fatally.

Police recommend secure fencing, padlocks on gates and keeping wheelie bins inside the yard to avoid giving dog thieves something to climb up on to get over your fence. Stay aware when you’re walking your dogs…is there anyone watching/following you to find out where the dogs are housed? Vary the times and routes that you walk if possible. Keep your dogs inside or where they can’t be seen from the street. Many dog thieves use the strategy of walking the neighbourhood whistling, to see which yards dogs appear in.

Yesterday’s attempt was in broad daylight and there were cars in the driveway, which would indicate to most people that the owners were actually home. Please be vigilant…these people are getting more and more brazen.

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