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The following tips come from our experience over the years with situations that we have faced with our clients. This may seem like a lengthy list of things to remember, but if you keep these things in mind you’ll be helping us provide the very best care possible for your pet-kids. And rest assured, we have a much longer list of things to do than you do!

Psst…. for those lucky clients whom have always wondered what the Gold Star on their profile is all about… now you know!  

Be prepared for the meet n greet:

When you meet with us for the first time, be sure to have your Leashtime profile completed in full prior. Please be as detailed as possible with your pet, home and vet details within your account as we rely upon this to be able to provide premier care for your pet-kids and home. Also have a tested working set of keys, a garage door opener (if necessary), or key cards.

It’s a good idea to highlight information you’re unsure about, or simply make a list to refer to when you meet your pet sitter for the first time. And of course, if there’s something that you have questions about, be sure to make a note of that also. Completing your online profile with us ahead of time will enable you and us to go over things in a more leisurely way when you meet for the first time.

Being prepared will make a good first impression on the person you ask to care for your pets. And let’s face it; we enjoy doing business with prepared pet-parents…it’ll makes things go more smoothly for everybody involved!

Be sure to provide contact and emergency information:

Ensure the phone number, email address, or other contact information where you’ll be while away is within your Leashtime account so we will be able to get in touch with you in case of emergency. If you cannot be contacted whilst away, ensure the details of the person whom you have appointed to make life/death as well as financial decisions on your behalf is listed within your account in case of emergency.

Be honest about your pets’ health and behaviour:

When you meet with us for the first time, be honest about your pets’ health and behaviour. If your dog tends to be aggressive, withdrawn, afraid of storms, or has other characteristics that are worrisome, we will need to know these things. It’s understandable that as a pet owner, you may be hesitant to mention these things but we all have dealt with issues like these and will be able to work with your pet. If not, we may be able to suggest alternatives that will be more suited to you and your pet.

Book services at least 2 weeks to a month in advance:

Whenever possible, call us at least 2 weeks prior to the time you’ll need our services. For pet sitting services during the Festive Season and Easter, even more notice is advisable since we end up turning clients away at these times of year. Please don’t assume that because you’ve used us in the past that we’ll have room for you if you call at the last minute.

This is especially true for our overnight/live in house sitting services in which case you need to book months in advance.  Leaving your overnight/live in booking for the last minute (less than 5 days notice) will ensure you may be hit with “late booking” charges or our unavailability.

Cancel services as far in advance as possible:

We empathise that things happen and plans change at the last minute, but whenever possible be sure to cancel with us as soon as you know you won’t need our services. In essence, you have reserved a certain amount of time with us; time we cannot spend with someone else’s pets. The courtesy of canceling early allows us to book someone else at that time. Keep in mind, that we may charge a $20 fee if cancellation is made with less than 3 days notice of the scheduled service.

Be flexible with your requests:

While our  goal is to give you and your pets such wonderful service that you’ll feel like you’re our only client, we have been in business since late 2005 thus you are not our only client. When you speak with us, let your preferences be known but know that flexibility is the key. Our goal is to give you and your pets the best possible care. Although it may be your preference to have someone visit your pets at 7 a.m. sharp every morning during your absence, we may have multiple other morning clients and will need to schedule your visits according to your location, pets’ needs, and time. And at any time, unforeseen circumstances (flat tyre, roadworks, their child is sick, personal injury, etc) may arise that will prevent one of our carers from arriving at the exact specified time. Rest assured though, we will do our best to see to it that your needs and preferences are met.

Understand that extra services require extra time.

We are constantly budgeting our time and readjusting our schedule to accommodate things that come up unexpectedly. And while we will offer to do extras to make your home look lived in, our main focus is on your pets. Unless you’ve spoken with us in advance about additional services, don’t assume we’ll be available to do them if you leave a laundry list of items without asking first. It puts us in an uncomfortable position, and because of time involved, could compromise the time we spends with your pets.

While we are more than happy to do extra services on occasion, keep in mind that there may be extra charges involved. It’s not that we are trying to “rip you off”, but some tasks that take you no time at all, may take more time for us simply because they’re not routine tasks for us.

Inform us of any visitors to the property:

If anyone will be in your home or on your property while you’re away, discuss it with us (especially if we will be house sitting). We may not enter a home if we see someone is at your home that they don’t know or aren’t expecting. At first this may seem unreasonable but there are some very good reasons why we have this policy.

The number one issue is safety, for our carers/us and for your pets. If we were to walk into a home that’s being robbed it could prove deadly. We may also walk in on someone who is at the home for legitimate reasons, creating at best an awkward encounter, requiring an explanation by both parties.

In addition to the safety reasons for not wanting to enter a home when someone is there, it puts us in an uncomfortable position if your visitor says they’ll care for your pets. They may mean well, but keep in mind that you’ve contracted OUR service as the primary care-giver for your pet-kids, and the decision to cancel that service can only come from you (unless you’ve made other arrangements with us naturally).

Confirm your travel plans and pet care services:

Call us within 24 to 48 hours before you leave town as one last confirmation that your trip is going as scheduled. In our past we have had cases involving pet owners booking the wrong dates by mistake, or our own fault in adding the wrong dates to our calendar. Calling us within 24 – 48 hours before you leave will ensure that we all have the correct dates.

Be sure our pet carers have the necessities:

Make sure you leave enough food, medications, treats, or other food items your pet will need while you’re away. Other supplies that we may need might include paper towels, leashes, carrying cases or other items.

Keep your us informed of any changes:

If you would like to call on our professional pet care services repeatedly, we want to be sure we are aware of any changes in your pets’ health, feeding instructions, or behavior. It’s also important to inform us of any changes in your home such as a new alarm system, new keys, lighting, etc.  This can all be done within your Leashtime profile. 

Pay your pet care bill as agreed !

We require payment to be left for us to pick up on or prior the first visit with your pets. We always request payment in advance for our house sitting services especially during the Festive Season and Easter. If it becomes necessary to adjust your booking last minute, be sure to check what the payment method will be for those as well, as they may be handled differently than regularly scheduled services.

If you have concerns, contact us as soon as possible 🙂

Whether you return home after a two-week vacation or a long day at work and notice something that concerns you, call us immediately. Between us will be better able to help resolve any issues or misunderstandings if you’re able to talk about it while it’s fresh.

Chances are pretty good that your pets have already won our the hearts. With a little bit of planning and understanding you can do the same and get a star on your Leashtime profile (which also allows you secret perks)!


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