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A guide on how to post the perfect lost pet notice to increase the chances of finding your lost pet !

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1. Find a recent clear colour photograph of your pet.  If you have any front and side photos of your pet that clearly capture any distinguishing markings or colourings – please post them.  If you have troubles posting the photos to the “wall” of any Facebook pages – contact the admin by message.


2. Make a note of all the Facebook pages that you have posted your lost pet notice so as if you need to update or want to bring it to the admin’s attention at a later date (because the lost pet is still not found) it is easier to do so.


3.  Include the following information in your lost pet notice:

  • Date it was lost
  • Suburb & nearest street it was lost
  • Name of the pet
  • Breed
  • Any distinguishing markings, colourings and personality traits
  • If it is intact or desexed
  • It’s gender
  • If it is microchipped or not
  • If it is wearing a collar and a description of the collar
  • Your contact phone number and email address


4.  If you are wanting to offer a reward for the safe return of your pet – please only state “Reward Offered” never ever state the amount.  Whilst the majority of people are good people, there are a minority whom may want to “profit” off your misfortune thus wait until you increase the reward amount before they return the pet to you.  Along those lines, if you have anyone inquire about your reward offer, say the following “I will disclose the generous reward amount to the person at the time of the safe return of my pet. For safety reasons, I will only disclose that it is a generous amount no more.”


5. If you have the skill or technical know how – consider creating a “lost pet flyer” graphic.  Even better if you can create a 30 second Youtube/video as your flyer.

If you would like more assistance, support, tips and advice feel free to stop by Gold Coast Lost and Found Pets !

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