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Yes ! We are one of the very few professional pet sitting services that offers LIVE IN House Sitting as well as Pawjama Parties (aka “Overnight Stays”) in your home.

We have found that people do not want to ‘upset’ their loved animals by putting them in catteries, kennels, etc. And in fact, it would cost them a fortune to do that sometimes.  Many of the animals are old and/or sick and require a lot of attention and care.  (with thanks to completion of the Pet Tech Pet First Aid and CPR course as well as personal experience with older/senior animals I can provide the right type of attention and care for their needs.)  The pets are also ‘well-loved’ and the clients do not want their pets routines disrupted …..  Gold Coast Pet Sitting “House Sitters” are prepared to accept your pets’ routines and behaviours. Whilst at the same time, we can identify problem behaviours (where you may not recognise it) and offer solutions if you are open to them.

Within reason, whatever your needs you have for us as your Professional House Sitters we will try to accommodate them.

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