The Secret of a Successful Overnight Paw-jama Party (aka Overnight Live In Pet/House Sitting) !

Daisy and Barny

Daisy and Barny (Photo credit: Gold Coast Pets)

Our overnight live in pet sitting services are from 5-6 pm through to 7-8 am. They include the morning and evening routines for your pet-kids and you will always return to your home the way you left it. We will not clean your home (as we’re pet sitters), but do hope that you will clear a space for us to sleep comfortably in a bed (with your pets if you desire) so that we can get a good nights rest. When you return from your trip, you can always expect to return to a home that has been respected by your live in house/pet sitter.

Here are 5 tips for to help us as your house/pet sitters to provide a premiere service:

1 – Clean sheets on your bed for overnight pet sits. Your pet sitter will be arriving at between 5-6pm and will be doing your pets evening routine and then retiring for the night.  Thus so your pet sitter can ensure most of their time is spent with your pets – please help them by ensuring they have a clean, comfortable place to sleep.

2 – Clean area for them to get ready during the day. Our pet sitters may use your shower and bathroom to get ready in the morning (or before they retire to bed of a night). Please leave an area in which they may get ready and clean towels out for them to use.

3 – Update the online system with your pets routines and information.  Make sure it is up to date. The online system is what we use to provide our service. You may also contact the office prior to departure and we can update your profile for you. Please do not distract your pet sitter by calling them directly before you leave. Often they are with other pets and could forget to update the system or might not be in the position to take notes. Please always update your profile or contact the office within 48 hours prior to leaving.

4 – Leave some basics in your fridge.  If you are unsure as to what basics to leave your pet sitter, ask them 🙂  Our pet sitters sometimes have a busy afternoon, thus may forget to bring their own food with them to ensure they have something to eat once they have arrived.  If there are some basics in the fridge (and pantry) for your sitter to use, this will ensure they will be able to stay and not have to leave at any stage to pick up some take-away.  Also, if there are any foods you do NOT want the pet sitter to consume in your absence, leave a note on the fridge explaining which items are off limits.

5 – Have extra supplies on hand. Commonly, we run out of paper towels or pet food. If you have a spare supply, please be sure to let us know where so we won’t have to bother you on your trip or go out and buy some.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always there to help you.



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