Every Pet Sitter on the Gold Coast Needs A Back Up Plan !

Okay, let me re-phrase, EVERY Pet Sitter needs a back up plan. Back up for what? Someone to pet the kitties and walk the doggies?

Ummm, yeah. It is a LOT more than that.

Pet sitters are responsible for the health of pet and the safety of homes. Sometimes twenty clients can be on vacation at once… and what would happen if all of a sudden your pet sitter was MIA? This is a horror story I wouldn’t ever wish on anyone, but it is a real possibility that potential pet sitting clients need to consider when choosing their pet sitter.

Let me ask you this:
If you were away in London right now, your pet sitter went MIA, what would happen? Maybe they were in a car accident. Maybe they were kidnapped. Maybe they had a health problem that landed them in the hospital? Maybe they had a heart attack? Not only “what if..” but how long would it take someone to notice something happened to your pet sitter? Who would feed your pets? Who would you get to be a dog walker? Who would give them their medications? etc.

I have news for you – life happens and will keep happening… This is a serious consideration every pet parent who hires a pet sitter should ask.

If your pet sitter says “Oh I have another pet sitter who covers for me when I can’t do it” you have a big problem. They don’t truly have back up. That type of back up is assuming that your pet sitter is well enough to TELL their back up that they can’t do the pet sits. What happens if your pet sitter can’t TELL their back up? Their back up person has their own emergency? Ran their car off into a ditch and is stuck somewhere? What is the system in place that assures you that things will carry on as normal?

Are you thinking now?

What we do:
At Gold Coast Sitting, our clients never have to worry about the above questions. Each one of our team is always in contact with us each day (if they’re on the schedule) either physically (face 2 face), by phone, email or social media. We always reply to them. It is our protocol to make sure that everyone is alive and well.  If we do not hear back from someone, we will keep re-trying until they contact us (and if we need to re-assign any sits or walks due to how they’ve become uncommunicative we will do so as we have plenty of people as part of our community whom can step in as needed).

Due to the power of our online pet sitting software, Leashtime, as well as Maria whom has been extensively trained to work with the system along with all the sitters knowing the systems – it is easy for us to organise in emergencies.  The system isn’t reliant on only one person (me – the owner) of running it.

Only the BEST!
That is what you pay a professional pet sitting company for when you use their service. That is why clients of Gold Coast Pet Sitting pay us. It is the peace of mind each and every one of our  pet sitting clients get on the Gold Coast. We may not be the cheapest pet sitter in town, but this is just one of the reasons why we are the BEST!

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