AVOID a not so merry Festive Season !

The following comes from “The Road Ahead” RACQ Magazine Dec/Jan 2013 Issue however is a timeless message:

RACQ Insurance is cautioning Queensland householder to be aware of security around their homes during the high-risk Christmas holiday theft period.

I’m opening with the above quote as one of the oft-forgotten aspects of  being a pet sitter is that which involves home security.  Whilst, as pet sitters, our primary concern is for the care of our clients’ pets. Our secondary concern is home security.  Thus if you’re thinking that “every other day” visits are adequate enough – you need to  really  ask yourself how much you value your home and the possession within it ?  Can you really trust your neighbourhood watch programme ?

I’ve lived in a gated community and still had problems with burglary/theft so you can’t even trust your gates community’s security patrol (it helps but is not a huge deterrent).

Alarm systems are great however whilst you’re awaiting for the alarm company’s patrol to come to your home the thieves have left with whatever they can get their hands upon (which is usually (expensive) electronics).  Not to mention, many people in your own neighbourhood will ignore the alarm due to the “boy who cried woof” syndrome (we all become so used to alarm noises as part of living in suburbia).

RACQ Executive Manager Insurance Communications Mike Sopinkski said the Christmas holiday period was traditionally a high-risk time for home theft as many householders went away…

“Householders planning an extended Christmas holiday away are also reminded that insurers often require notification if a home will be unooccupied for an extended period,” Mr Sopinkski said.

Tip #9  If you can arrange for someone to collect your mail when you’re on holiday…. Also, attach a ‘Australia Post only’ or ‘No Junk Mail’ sign to your letterbox so it doesn’t overflow.


For the above reason we are only do daily pet sitting visits to our clients’  homes … or even better yet book us for house sitting services !

It is our goal that we provide commitment to loving care and safety of your petsassurance of adherence to your instructionswe can provide plenty of testimonials as proof of the before-mentioned as well as respect for your property.

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