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Quality vs Qualtity – Does the pet sitting visit length of time matter ?

Festive Season Pet Sitting visits

Festive Season Pet Sitting visits (Photo credit: Gold Coast Pets)

How does one quantify good service? Is it by the amount of time the service provider spends with their client? Is it the clients overall satisfaction of the service providers work?

Here is an example of the first instance (quality over quantity) from Bella’s Pet Sitting:

Prior to [Bella] meeting [her current hairdresser] Marina [she] thought spending hours sitting in that hair styling chair meant that [she] was getting amazing service, being pampered, and that the stylist was really taking her time to do it just right. [Bella] would block out two, sometimes three hours to sit in that chair.

Since Marina started doing [Bella’s] hair, the time has been cut by 2/3rds and [Bella has] never loved [her] hair so much, gotten so many complements, or saved so much time.

Time. That’s right. In the time it took other stylists’ to do Bella’s hair, Marina (her current stylist) could do it in a 1/3 of the time. Bella has very thick, long hair, so naturally this isn’t usually a quick task. Bella asked Marina how she was able to be so accurate, so perfect, and she told Bella she used to work for MTV movie sets so Marina had to learn how to be quick and efficient. Ah ha! So Marina was so efficient because she was an expert in her field!

In Bella’s opinion, her quality is bar none. Bella DID looked for mistakes.

“Surely she missed something?” Bella thought.

Fortunately, Bella couldn’t find anything and thus learned that she loved her hair more than anyone else who has touched it. Even now, their consultation time is very short because Marina’s QUALITY work has instilled a trust in Bella (her client). In Bella’s own words “I let her be the expert and have the freedom to do what she does best.”

What does this have to do with pet sitting? Well I find myself answering thison a daily basis. We focus more on quality than quantity. We want quality clients, not quantity. We want a quality service, not a high quantity of time (even tho’ we are willing to spend extra time with your pets where necessary) that in essence really means nothing.

Pets live in the present and have no concept of episodic memory. (https://animals.howstuffworks.com/pets/dogs-perceive-time1.htm) They like knowing that we are there to create a customizable program for their pet kid that is unlike any other household (with thanks to the clients’ input). They have peace of mind knowing that we are there to do a job, be a professional, and take care of everything in their home and with their pets. As our service is a full service, all inclusive cost… our clients never have to worry about being charged extra because it took us more “time” to clean up and unexpected mess, or stayed longer with Fluffy or Fido because we got into a great game of fetch or cat and mouse.

Gold Coast Pet Sitting clients are more concerned about the quality of service than the quantity of time spent at their home. Time spent does not equate to a quality service.

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