Why It Is Important To Have A Pet Sitter Who Works Full Time

Having a pet sitter who does it full time is very important. Think about it, would you want a part time doctor taking care of your health in a rush on their lunch break from their “other” job?

How much time and attention do you think you will get? How much thought do you think would go into their practice? Do you think you would get a thorough evaluation or one that is rushed and not thought out?

Whilst we have people within our team whom are part time or casual sitters, we are privy to their schedules and ensure we do not over load them.  Some of them may only have one or two bookings for the day because we want to ensure the welfare of the pets and homes whilst they do the visit are their top priority (they can afford to spend time at your booking).

Yet for the business owner (me) I do this as a full time living. Your home and your pet is what puts the roof over my head and the food in my mouth (and Marnie’s too) so your pets are my #1 priority. This is one instance where the old saying, you get what you pay for is so valid!





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