Five reasons why being a pet sitter/dog walker is the best job on the Gold Coast

Confession time 😉  This isn’t an original post.  We did this back in 2010 when it was just myself and Aunty Francy.  You can check this original (here)  Now that our team has changed and it’s been a few years since the original post… time for an update !


Camilla (Photo credit: Gold Coast Pets)

From Aunty Vanessa

1. Lots of cuddles at night due to our Pawjama Parties !

2. Plenty of the pet parents have commented on my slender frame – this is because my “job” keeps me active !  At the same time, do not underestimate my strength.   (yes I copied this from the original post as it still holds true!!)

3. It’s a fantastic way to meet other Pet Parents on the Gold Coast 🙂 who are just as mad about their pets as I am about them !

4. This is my passion.  My Y.

5. The pets – enough said !  They keep everyday interesting and remind me that today is a new day… as Camilla the boxer taught me – Jump into each day ! Each day is awesome 🙂 She never has a bad day.

Aunty Bec (Rebecca)

Aunty Bec (Rebecca) (Photo credit: Gold Coast Pets)

From Aunty Rebecca

1. Im always greeted with happiness and positive energy which brightens my day.

2. I get to meet wonderful people – pet parents are generally kind hearted and friendly people and they are also always happy to see you as they know you are there to spoil their “babies”.

3 I get fresh air and exercise.

4 Its interesting! I love comparing and contrasting the different breeds and the different “personalities” and learning who likes what.

5 They are my buddies!! Seeing a pet on a daily/regular basis you become really close to them and they to you 🙂

From Aunty Jane

Aunty Jane with her dog Megs

Aunty Jane with her dog Meg (Photo credit: Gold Coast Pets)

1. I get to meet such a variety of pooches (and puddies) with such different personalities, quirks and even senses of humour!

2. I also get to walk around some of the Coasts beautiful parklands, it keeps me fit – some dogs I even jog with!

3. I get to have furry sleepovers in lovely homes! Usually followed by been woken by wet whiskered kisses. (If Meg, my blonde border collie, knew I would so be in trouble!)

4. I love the bond that is created when we walk/look after/train/baby sit a pet over some time. Especially for long periods of over nighters [ house sitting ] – I so miss them when their folks get home but I know I can always pop by and get my fuzzy fix.

5. Every pet has taught me about how different their needs can be … no two dogs are the same, similar yes, same not – I love the challenges and their unconditional love … even the tough nuts soften eventually.


From Uncle Liam

Uncle Liam

Uncle Liam (Photo credit: Gold Coast Pets)

1. Great source of exercise for those of us who love to run.

2. Not much of a labor if you love animals.

3. See a whole bunch of places around the coast you wouldn’t usually visit.

4. Make new friends regularly whom are always wagging happy to see you.

5. Gain perspective about how other people care for their pets

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