7 secrets to getting the red carpet treatment by your pet carer

Any pet carer worth your time is going to provide every pet who comes through their business with the best care possible. We pet carers love animals and are proud of the work we do.

But I’m going to let you in on a secret: Some pet owners are treated a little better than others. Why? Because pet carers are human, of course, and we can’t help but appreciate people who appreciate us. There are owners who make us smile when they call or when we see their names on our appointment log. We can’t wait to help their pets when we do !

Become a VIP

Certain pet owners get the red carpet treatment. Here’s how you can improve your ranking:

  • Always give us plenty of notice for your booking or changes in your booking.
  • Confirm with your pet carer via their methods 24-48 hours PRIOR to you leaving home that your booking is correct
  • Treat the pet carer with respect, warmth, and good humor.
  • Complete any online or paper profile of your pets extensively.
  • Re-check that any online or paper profile we have of your pets is up2date prior to booking (and make the necessary changes).
  • Train your pet to welcome, not fear, with manners a visit, and handle your pet early and often so that he will permit the pet carer to easily examine him/her.
  • Pay your bills up-front or on time.
  • If we exceed your expectations, recommend us to others with enthusiasm and frequency.
  • On occasion, for any or no reason, tip your pet carer! It can be a monetary tip or get to know your pet carer personally & leave her a gift she will love (massage gift voucher? dark chocolate? certain type of cookbook?). Even better if you remember your pet carer’s birthday 🙂 (if she wants you to remember it).

That last one is a true sign of a pet lover who deserves red carpet treatment. I can’t tell you how often we get so busy that we forget about ourselves. We pet carers tend to put ourselves last a lot.

The Payoffs Are Great

It’s really just about feeling appreciated. And when we feel valued, it’s easy for us to return that goodwill, which is why our most favorite pet owners get:

  • People who fight to win them and their pets as clients.
  • A smile even if you are emailing us or giving us a phone call.
  • A spot on an overbooked schedule even though we’ve been booked up for months (more applicable for pet sitting and dog walking clients as this can be hard to work when we’re fully booked for house sitting).
  • Extra care for their pets in multiple ways.
  • And, perhaps most importantly, an invitation to call us 24/7/365 for help when they need it — and we’ll either pick up the phone to talk or refer them to someone else and ask that they get extra special care.

Now don’t you want to be a VIP? I hope so, because I can never have too many pet owners who make me smile at the thought of them. I have a feeling I speak on behalf of every professional pet carer across the world.

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