I bought a cow (NO JOKE, hooves, horns and all)…

English: Cross Border Cows. This pasture strad...

English: Cross Border Cows. This pasture straddles the Welsh/English Border, — so are these beasts smuggling organic milk? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The following was written by a Vitaly Grinblat (Editor, Magnetic Sponsoring Newsletter)….

You see, over the last year or so, I’ve really begun to look at food and nutrition in a way I’ve never looked at it before.

I’ve always kind of silently snickered at the “health nuts” (like one of my health obsessed cousins)… until I started to discover what’s REALLY inside our food.

All the additives and the taste enhancers the big food manufacturers load up our foods with… even the ones that say “natural” on the box.

When I read all this stuff it literally sent chills down my spine and raised the hairs on my arms.

And although I’ve never obsessed about nutrition, my wife and I always thought we eat pretty healthy usually, not too much fat in our food… tryin’ to stay away from cholesterol… buying organic milk, etc…

… what I’ve discovered is most of this “traditional” low fat, low cholesterol advice is complete B.S.

And one thing that really almost knocked me over was that organic milk… the one we’ve been paying “premium” price for (like twice as much), is NOT that much better than the regular one because of pasteurization and homogenization.

And my 3 kids drink it daily and have been for years.

To say that I was mad, would be an understatement.

Now I won’t get into all the details, but the only real solution if you want to buy REAL milk with all of it’s intended benefits is to buy Raw Milk.

Problem is, the dang government mob (called the FDA) is in the way, and in Michigan where I live, it’s against the law for farmers to sell Raw Milk.

I know, don’t get me started on that.

Anyhoo… after a little digging around, I found a farm about 40 minutes away, that is very cleverly and legally providing (real organic) Raw Milk buy letting people lease a cow.

See the law doesn’t say you can’t consume milk from “your own” cow… HA!

So… now we are proud owners of a “leased” cow 🙂


Would you believe that you can do this here in Australia 🙂 too ?

My good friend, Elizabeth, whom is behind Nothing But An Apron has done something similar.   She actually has her own goats so as she can eventually produce her own goat milk to consume and do with as she pleases (soap, cheese, etc).

The below are some entertaining posts to read:


What has all this got to do with pet care or being a pet parent ?  Everything, in my opinion.  Think about what you are really feeding your pets not just yourself.   When Vitaly leased that cow – some of the bones and meat he could possibly give to his dogs 🙂 Or at least if he decides to make stock out of the bones: use the stock to “infuse” some doggie treats they’ve made 🙂

I personally am not perfect. I still buy food at the supermarket like the rest of everyone because it is convenient (and sometimes I’m time poor)… yet I do try to feed Marnie (my cat) more natural alternatives and actually read the labels.

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