What You Can Do to Protect Your Dog Against Canine Diseases Linked to Grains in Dog Food

Dog food grains. Canine allergies. Could they be related? Well, in a word, maybe.

Please read the original articles ( Part 1 here ) and ( Part 2 Here )

These articles will make you think twice about how the REAL cost of that kibble (or dry dog food) you’re feeding your pets.

The following comes from Part 2.

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Here are five simple suggestions to help you protect your dog…

1. Never buy cheaply-made dog food*

*Note: “cheaply-made dog food” is pretty much anything available in any supermarket.  

2. Only choose fresh, “in-date” products

3. Avoid any dog food containing grain by-products or mill waste

4. Tightly re-seal every bag of open dog food.  Squeeze out all the excess air.  And always store the product in a moisture-free area

5. Never discard the original packaging. The bag contains critical batch numbers and manufacturing data you’ll need in the event of a recall emergency

Spread the Word — Save a Life

Please remember, dog food grain ingredients might just be one of the most frequently overlooked causes for serious disease in otherwise healthy dogs.

So, go ahead. Spread the word about grains in dog food. And be sure to tell everyone you know who has a dog they care about.

Because you might just save an innocent life.

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