Shocking News Stories & Children and Pets: 6 Tips For Positive Interactions

Children and Pets: 6 Tips For Positive Interactions

Growing up with a pet is great. When I was a kid, my cat was my cuddle buddy and we would play games with string, tin foil balls, and boxes. There were a few times when I’d accidentally annoy him and not realize it till he hissed or scratched me. To help avoid those incidences, there are a few things you can teach your child so that everyone is safe and understands the boundaries that pets have during playtime.

Here are 6 tips to promote positive interactions (click here to read)

A man accused of torching a trucking business’s workshop, causing $250,000 damage, lit the fire in revenge over his dog’s death.

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he four-year-old black and white spaniel-type dog seemed reluctant to walk across the busy street, the witnesses told police.

Maloney picked up the dog, lifted him to about waist height then slammed him down onto the bitumen.

Maloney then walked off and the dog crossed the road, limping. The couple in the car did a u-turn, drove back to the area, searched the side streets, located Maloney in Hamlet St and phoned police.


After scaring the neighbors off, Daniel then grabbed the family’s pet dog off of their porch. He started beating and strangling the medium-sized black dog. Then, according to police, he “began to bite into the dog, ripping pieces of flesh away.” The dog died on the scene.


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