Very Important Urgent Alert for Lost* Dog (from Nerang area) 3 years old, Sable Collie “Lassie”-type dog, desexed and called Molly

Due to how I personally out-reached via my personal Facebook profile (click here to view ‘why’ I say this) I feel a little sadly responsible for this whole situation 🙁  Thus I promise to the family that I will do my best to be of assistance.

 Very Important Urgent Alert for Lost* Dog (from Nerang area)


URGENT ALERT FOR LOST DOG (Photo credit: Gold Coast Pets)

*Dog could also be possibly given away or sold thus please make this a priority.

If anyone sees a sable collie dog anywhere on the God Coast it may be one that is missing. A family are homeless at present and had a person (click here for the back-story) look after the dog while they try to find accomodation.  Teegan has since claimed the dog ran away. It is not a common coloring of the collie (see picture on this page).

It is chipped to owner but is missing in suspicious circumstances. 

It has not been sighted in the pound as yet. Lost in the Nerang area, it may be in a backyard, if you see one around let Lisa S know URGENTLY !  Lisa S (as well as myself) are trying to help the owner find her as the family is distraught at trusting someone that has “supposedly” lost their dog.

Please share on YOUR social networks and profiles !

Also all vet clinics please be on high alert/lookout if a sable collie comes in as the microchip is in owners name.

Something else may have happened but all we can go on is that she has been ” lost “.

She is 3 years old, desexed and called Molly. 

Just a side note – I want to personally get this off my chest.

Shame on you Teegan Lowe !  

Teegan … YOU are “Facebook friends” with me  (I do not know her personally nor is she as far as I’m aware a client of Gold Coast Pet Sitting)….. not to mention I am administrator of the Gold Coast Lost and Found Pets page (formerly also involved with Queensland Lost Pet Register)….. the INFO tab is freely available with a list of resources, advice and tips.  There is no excuse !  NOT TO MENTION – it wasn’t YOUR dog thus you should’ve taken EXTRA CARE !  If it had been lost – I WOULD HAVE HELPED YOU as I am doing now with Lisa S.

The family are very devastated because of YOUR actions. You gave them hope and have subsequently given them AND THEIR CHILDREN added stress through your LACK OF RESPONSIBILITY !  Yes I am only going off information told to me through someone else whom is working with the family directly however the fact remains the dog is not with you. If you had been responsible, trustworthy and reliable you would still have the dog with you and this blog post wouldn’t exist.

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  1. I hope the dog turns Up . I’m reposting .

  2. Thank you Bud for your comment. Feel free to copy/paste the following on your social networks ~~

    ** Urgent Alert *** Lost Dog ** 3 yo, “Lassie”-type dog, desexed and called Molly | More information at


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