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Pam Harris asked me to provide some more info on these as her dog currently has one.

Lipomas are benign fatty growths that lie under the skin. These are quite common in dogs and can occur in any dog. There is however, a link between the way that your dog metabolises fats, and the development of these fatty tumours. If the metabolism is sluggish, and your dog s health is less than optimal, lipomas can occur. They are of course common in overweight and obese dogs too (metabolism of course plays a role in controlling weight. Lipomas are a ‘collection’ of fatty tissue that collects in just one spot, and they can occur anywhere on your dog’s body. Under the skin (they feel a bit squishy to touch) or in muscle tissue are common places.

Important Note: Always have your vet check any lumps to be sure that they are not cancerous.

Usually, a lipoma will stay constant in size. However, a lipoma that starts to grow may need removal, depending on where they are positioned. For example, if a lipoma is in the armpit area, it may start to affect your dog’s ability to move normally so surgery may be required. Remember though that lipomas can grow back EVEN after surgical removal.

From a naturopathic perspective, lipomas are the body’s way of encapsulating wastes that are not being eliminated through the normal channels (bowels, liver, kidneys etc). It tends to occur in dogs who have immune and endocrine imbalances (metabolic imbalance) and it is similar to the way that cellulite occurs in humans. Toxins become trapped within fat cells, rather than being eliminated normally and this too can occur when there are hormonal (endocrine) imbalances. The lipoma traps toxins and there is no way of knowing what the long term effects of this imbalance will be.

What can you do to help ??

  • A Raw unprocessed diet free of carbohydrates in the form grains, sugars as well as no preservatives. Good quality proteins, vegetables (pureed), fatty acids, bones and offal, fish etc.
  • Regular and appropriate exercise
  • Supplements such as L-carnitine which assists in fat metabolism, as well as chromium picolinate which helps balance and maintain healthy blood sugar levels
  • Whole food supplements such as Spirulina to treat underlying nutritional deficiencies that may be creating imbalance in organs
  • Herbal support for liver, kidneys, and endocrine system. (Please contact Canine Vitality for more info about these).

A holistic approach must be taken with lipomas as they accreted from a general metabolic imbalance. This means balancing the whole system.

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