Council supports dogs in outdoor dining areas

This is really awesome news !

Please be very aware that it is still technically illegal for cafe and restaurant owners to allow pets near or around outdoor dining areas.  The exciting awesome part of all of this is that we ARE going in the RIGHT direction which isn’t too far away to having the appropriate law amended 🙂  


(new update as of November 2012 click here !! it’s legally allowed by the state !!)



Thank you Gold Coast City Council !  Thank you Mayor Tate for having the fore-sight on how this can only be of significant influence and the good economic impact (and sense) this will have for the Gold Coast !


Updated 2:56pm, Tuesday 12 June 2012

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The Gold Coast City Council has voted to support the rights of food businesses to allow companion dogs in outdoor dining areas.

Mayor Tom Tate said Council voted to support proposed changes by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ).

“While the decision to adopt amended food standards is ultimately the decision of the State Government, Council voted to make a submission to FSANZ to outline its support for the rights of food business owners to choose whether they wish to allow dogs,” said Cr Tate.

“Local governments have been afforded the opportunity to put forward their position. While relevant concerns were raised by a number of councillors in relation to hygiene and safety, the majority were of the view such concerns were not shared by Food Standards Australia and that the decision should ultimately be up to the individual business.

At the end of the day, this decision is about choice. Should FSANZ support Council’s position and amend the standards, it will allow cafe and restaurant owners the flexibility of deciding whether their clientele wanted their dogs with them in outdoor areas, and for dog owners to make decisions where they eat and have their coffee.”

FSANZ is expected to make a decision in relation to food standards later this year.

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