Is A Pet House Right For Your Dog? [ Guest Blog Post by Tiger Sheds ]

by Jack Oldham for Tiger Sheds

My mixed-breed dog

For many people, the very concept of a “pet house” would be seen as bizarre. I must admit, the idea of my dog not being permanently by my side in the home is a hard one to comprehend. Here are a few thoughts on the subject that I have picked up after research and talking to a few people on the subject.


Obviously, the average climate of the area you live in should play a huge part in deciding whether you think a pet house is a worthwhile purchase. If you live in a town or city that is renowned for being a bit chilly, then your dog is unlikely to want to spend too much time outside apart from to go for a walk and do their essential “business”.  However, slightly warmer climates, say in Auckland, New Zealand may be more tempting, right? On average, temperatures tend to not drop below 10 degrees Celsius, and don’t often rise above 30, so this might be the perfect temperature for dogs to spend a little more time outside.


The breed of dog is always something that many people will consider when it comes to this too. Certain breeds are much more suited to spending more time outdoors, such as German Shepherds and Rottweilers.


However, just because your dog is of a breed that is well equipped to spend large periods of time outside and the weather is nice, this doesn’t mean that they should be kept outside permanently. As you may expect, studies by psychologists have shown that behavioural problems may arise in dogs that are kept outside. An absence of in-house training, not to mention a lack of a bond between the dog and the owner can contribute towards this. A dog is said to be a man’s best friend, and keeping them outside is hardly going to re-affirm this. Dogs are social animals, they love to spend time around people and other dogs, so isolating them from the family permanently is definitely not a good idea.


This isn’t to say, however, that you can’t give them their own personal space outside the home for when they want to spend some time out in the open. A pet house is a good way to do this, and here are a few tips to making sure your pet house is perfect for your beloved dog.


Firstly, it should go without saying, but make sure it is the right size for your dog. Obviously, anything too cramped won’t be comfortable for the dog, and it would be plain cruel to keep them in it. However, if it’s too big then the dog’s body heat will be lost, so striking the perfect balance is key.


Again, on the topic of heat, common sense should prevail but it’s important to think about where you are placing your pet house, especially if you live in a particularly warm climate. Shaded areas are, of course, better in these circumstances. It’s also worth looking into insulation material, and making sure that your pet house has the correct type and right amount.


Finally, and perhaps most importantly, try and make it as comfortable as you possibly can for your pet. Make sure there’s some nice bedding in there for the dog to lie on so that their joints are protected from the hard floor surface. You wouldn’t want to lie down or sleep on a hard floor, so you can bet your dog doesn’t want to either!



Jack Oldham is a journalism graduate blogging on behalf of Tiger Sheds. In his spare time, he likes to watch all sorts of sport, go to concerts and socialise with friends.

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