Arguments against Dog-Friendly Cafes demolished by Trev

by Dog Friendly Society – Gold Coast QLD on Saturday, 2 June 2012 at 16:15

Hi everyone, I think for such an easy issue to resolve, and one so fairly & reasonably put that we are only asking for dogs to be allowed to sit in outdoor areas under the conditions laid down by those venue owners & managers who so choose to allow it… it is astounding how unreasonable the opposition are being… and so I decided to publish this to rip apart their arguments once & for all:


  1. Dogs pose a health risk if allowed near dining areas.
  2. I should have a choice not to have to dine near where dogs have been every time I go out where-ever I choose to go out & no one else should have the choice to have what they want.\
  3. Dogs pose a risk to people & each other from fighting & other behaviour.

…essentially, every argument they have ultimately breaks down to being a version of one of these 3: health, choice, and disturbance/risk… and so now, for your reading pleasure, watch as I absolutely totally utterly demolish these ridiculous concerns using nothing but logic, reason, and evidence:


  • First of all the cities of Melbourne, Sydney, London, New York, Paris, and Tokyo (amongst many others around the world) all allow MORE than what we are asking for… pampered dogs sit not only outside, but also INSIDE restaurants in some cases… they are allowed inside shopping malls, and venues of all possible types… and the problems people claim are going to happen, do not happen, or they are so easily resolved, that they are barely noticeable… this one thing alone, demolishes all arguments against the very small change we are proposing… but allow me to continue.
  • Dogs have been the companions of mankind for countless generations, and every single one of us would be dead right now if it were not for a few pounds of bacteria in our gut that have a symbiotic relationship with us, where they assist us in breaking down our foods to access the resources we need from it, and where they AID US in fighting off disease… the misinformation spread in the community by companies who sell disinfectants & so forth, has led people to believe that they have to disinfect everything & every surface… THIS IS COMPLETELY TOTALLY UNTRUE …it is in fact NECESSARY for good health that you are exposed to bacteria from a young age, because this is how your immune system learns & grows strong, without which, you will suffer more incidence of disease from this source than people who have not been disinfecting everything… this is not to argue that you should live in a pig sty, just that it is impossible, unnecessary, and undesirable for good health to live in a completely sterilized environment.
  • Furthermore, since we have been around dogs so long, there are a great many bacteria in the guts & on the skins of humans & dogs which are the exact same or very similar species, and pose NO harm to either species.
  • Since all dog owners come into close contact with their dogs on a regular basis, if there was some kind of dog-borne disease which was harmful to humans, we would hear a lot more about it a lot more often.
  • Since all of the above are true, then any dog owner going inside or outside an eating establishment EVEN NOT IN THE COMPANY OF THEIR DOG, will be bringing all those bacteria to the venue & have been doing so all along…
  • If there is a disease that is harmful to dogs & can jump the species barrier to humans, then again, why are we not hearing about actual cases of this? …and how would removing dogs from cafes have any effect on it if the dog owner can still come to the venue & spread those germs over everything they come into contact/proximity with?
  • So… for this & many other reasons, the argument that there is any kind of health issue whatsoever, is dead… utterly dead… and the very best way of embarrassing yourself & admitting you are an idiot (or disingenuous about this issue) is to attempt to combat this overwhelming evidence & reason against your case… NOTHING can realistically refute what I have just stated, it is a simple open & shut case, that the idea of a health issue is utterly false in every way… and if you think I have missed anything, I will shoot that down in flames too.

…so how about the issue of choice?

  • Giving one side of the debate 100% of their way, and the other side 0% is unreasonable unless you can attach a valid argument… so when people say “why don’t you get your coffee as take away” I respond “why don’t you?” …there are plenty of people who want this change, so why is it that the ones who don’t are the ones who get their way?
  • In what way would your choice be compromised if there were some restaurants who chose not to allow dogs & others that did allow it? …surely you can pick your cafes & we can pick ours?
  • What about the issue of the choice of the venue owner themselves? …you think that they shouldn’t be allowed to turn you away, but they can turn our dogs away? …did you invest in their business? …are you the business owner? …do people come & tell you how to run your business when you should have options? …this is nothing short of utter HYPOCRISY on your part, that no one gets a say but you
  • If the dogs can walk past the restaurant when it is shut, and when the dog owners can sit outside (and have all the same bacteria as the dog), then sitting inside isnt protection from that anyway, even when the dogs are never there, you are STILL exposed to it every single day of your life, so long as you live &/or work anywhere even remotely close to anyone who has a dog… you dont have to come into contact with the dog directly… so your concerns are a joke, and show only hysteria, lack of education, and lack of reason… so let them eat outside if the venue manager chooses, and if you really hate it that much that you just cant stand the thought that a dog was once there or is sitting out there, then go get therapy & eat somewhere else… your choice

…and now the idea of disturbances:

  • There are no epidemic incidences of bad dog behaviour disturbing diners in any other city where this is allowed, it is unheard of… where is your evidence that this will somehow occur on the gold coast when it doesn’t happen anywhere else
  • Most of the disturbances you are predicting are only possible to happen if the exact kind of people who never bring their dogs out, start suddenly bringing them out AND the police ignore their negligence as responsible dog owners AND they ignore their reckless endangerment of others AND the cafe owner repeatedly puts up with it without ever asking that person to leave… that is a hell of a big stretch to expect everyone to believe that all these things are going to happen… why would anyone in their right mind take out in public a dog which is going to get them arrested & or sued by others if it misbehaves in some extreme way? …why doesn’t this behaviour exist anywhere else? …most dog owners who take their pets out with them are quite responsible & well aware of whether they can or cant trust their dog (or their own command over their dog), and so there is no suggestion that these people are going to suddenly bring their dogs out AND let them off the leash… if you see a dog off the leash, it will be because the person has confidence in both their dogs behaviour & their own control of the dog… and those who are not so confident who do bring their dogs out, will keep them on their leashes… and anyone failing to be so responsible, would be asked by the venue owner/manager to leave… simple as that, your argument is dead
  • If you are afraid your dinner will be disturbed by someone else’s dog begging at your table, then if this does happen all you have to do, is politely turn to them and ask them to control their dog… where is the big deal? …plenty of dogs are well trained enough not to beg, many of them will be small & sitting on their owners lap, and on the rare occasion it may happen that someone’s dog does beg & it bothers you so much, then ask them to get it to stop, or eat somewhere else if you dont like that it happens repeatedly… i find it hard to believe that this is going to be an epidemic either, it is certainly not the experience of diners in other cities that do allow it & so much more… your fears on this are unfounded, and exaggerated, and seriously you just need to chill out.
  • If you are afraid that the dog will get under your feet & become an obstacle / safety hazard… well so can just about any other animate or inanimate object… bloody well look where you are going & stop blaming other people if you dont… it is not everyone else’s job to look where you are going for you, so your concern, despite again not being based on anyone’s experience anywhere else in the world, is also a non-issue because the problem isnt the dog in that case, the problem is YOU.

…so there you go… and again, if you really want to look like an idiot, go ahead & combat me on this one… you are just plain wrong if you are against this change… there is no reason, no logic, and no evidence that supports your hysteria

quite to the contrary:

  1. Dogs & other loving companion animals are good for people’s health, this is a known medical fact
  2. Dogs bring joy to people’s lives & form friendships & bonds in the community
  3. Dogs perform services for human beings & are loyal to us & hence deserve some respect & rewards for this

If we want to be seen as a cultured city, then do what the other cultured cities do… and accept the fact that dogs are not just part of our community, but part of our families.



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  1. I lovveeeee what you are doing by encouraging cafe/restaurant owners to allow dogs in dining facilities. I am shocked that some people are unhappy with this idea and think it is not clean! Hygiene??? Imagine seeing someone change a babies nappy on the table right in the middle of a restaurant while patrons were eating! Shocked? I was…I have seen that happen in a Brisbane restaurant (more than once).

    I too have seen dogs in other countries allowed in FAR greater areas then just outdoor dining facilities. Imagine my surprise (and delight) seeing dogs in taxi’s in NYC, allowed on onto planes (yes in the cabin), trains & buses throughout the USA, inside 5 star Hotels and even little hooks to attach your dogs leads outside dressing rooms in major department stores and at tables INSIDE restaurants in Paris!!!! Dare I go on????

    I am 100% all for allowing your beloved pet in many more places…but it does take time to change the opinion of generations, so it is with ‘fists pounding the air’ I applaud and support the cafe/restaurant that allows my little dogs 🙂

    My star dogs Amber and Indy of Pressplay Pets look forward to this change and hope we will be able to include stories in the future that include experiences in Cafe/Restaurants, Public Transport, Shops, Hotels and so much more.

  2. Hey Nikki

    Thankfully the law changed recently … however there are still plenty of not so knowledge-able cafe owners around plus they are concerned with how many people they’d “turn off” from the public who saw they allowed dog. As more and more people become aware, the attitude will change… slowly yet surely
    xox Vanessa

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