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Posted Saturday 2 June by Lyndall on her Canine Vitality Facebook page 

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Morning dog lovers,

Today I am talking about Lip Fold Pyoderma. This is a condition that affects dogs with pendulous or ‘loose’ lips. While certainly not life threatening, this condition requires the owner to be committed to keeping the area clean and free of bacteria.

Essentially a pyoderma is a bacterial skin infection: sometime sthe lower lip will have an extra fold that traps saliva and creates a moist environment which is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. This creates inflammation and irritation. There will also be an awful (!!) smell coming from the mouth area.

Breeds that are commonly affect include Blood hounds, Saint Bernards, Bull mastiffs,Springer and Cocker spaniels, and English bulldogs.

Tracey’s query was her concern was regarding creams etc used on this lip area and how safe these were as the dog inevitably would lick this and ingest some. She was interested in natural options for this.

Firstly, I would suggest always keeping your dogs immune system strong through a natural and/or raw diet as well as possibly adding some extra immune support through the use of antioxidants and herbs. I have an immune boosting program that is based around probiotics, antioxidants, and herbs that works nicely with the diet to really boost up immunity. A strong immune system is able to deal with bacteria more effectively, and while this is also a structural problem, internal health is the key to overall health.

Usually your vet will treat this with some form of antibiotic. As this is a Staph bacteria, it is quite resistant to standard antibiotics and your vet may prescribe quite strong antibiotics to treat it. While this may work in the short term, it will weaken the immune system over repeated doses.

While severe infections may intially require antibiotics, there are other safer options including Colloidal silver (both externally and internally) and the use of blood cleansing and natural antibiotic herbs including Golden seal, Echinacea, Red Clover (specific for staph) are just a few of the ones I use. (These can be made into a wash also for topical use). Maritime pine bark is also an excellent antioxidant for skin problems.

Drying the area completely once a day is important too, but really the best way to control this problem is through diet/supplements to build a strong immune system.

I hope this helps you Tracey. And remember that pyoderma is NOT limited to the lips- it can affect other areas of skin (eg- Sharpei’s are prone to it with their extra rolls of skin) and the treatment is essentially the same. Supporting digestive and immune systems as well as cleansing the blood.


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