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While it’s important to look after your dog’s coat all year round, winter brings with it the increased need for grooming. To ensure he’s kept comfortable and healthy it’s essential to keep your dog’s longer coat in good condition in winter.

Removal of loose hair and knots means your dog will be able to maintain a warm body temperature, whereas a dirty, matted coat has no insulation properties. Matting also causes your dog to be uncomfortable and restricts movement. A matted coat takes longer to dry, which means that your pooch could be more susceptible to catching a chill.

Regular washing will help take care of all your dog’s winter needs, both indulging him a beautiful warm massaging hydrobath that will leave him feeling fantastic, and also ensure his coat stays in top condition.

And while fleas are not as prevalent in the colder months, they can breed right through the winter, laying eggs that fall off pets and lodge around the house. Ideal places for fleas to develop include carpet pile, within furniture and upholstery and in the cracks between floorboards, so it’s advisable to treat your dog for fleas all year round.

When it is very cold shorthaired dogs and those with coarse coats can feel the effects more, so you may consider purchasing special dog coat to keep him warm – if you’re handy with a needle and cotton, you may even like to make a one-off designer coat for him.

Keeping him warm while he’s sleeping is also important, so bedding should be cosy and comfortable, especially for outdoor dogs. You don’t have to spend a fortunate on bedding, just hit your local St Vinnies for old blankets and if you’re lucky, you may just pick up a luxurious feather doona – nothing but the best for your best friend.


Jane Keighley is Director of Jake Public Relations and has been PR Consultant to Aussie Pooch Mobile for the past five years.

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