Boxer damages anterior cruciate ligament uses natural approach ?

By Lyndall from Canine Vitality

Canine Vitality

I did a final follow up visit yesterday for a beautiful boxer named Jarrah who late last year damaged her anterior cruciate ligament. As surgery was an expensive option (and not always successful), her owner came to me to see if a natural approach could help. That was in Nov last year. When I first met Jarrah, she could hardly weight bear on that leg and was very restricted in her movement. Boxers are such active ‘jumpy’ dogs, that this restriction of movement was clearly making her quite depressed. I am sure if you had an injury that was restricting your ability to function nornally , over time this would make you feel a bit down and also frustrated and this was the case for Jarrah.

Her owner had her on a commercial diet but was very open to change as she wanted to do anything to get her girl back on track.We talked about the importance of nutrition especially in such cases as there are many nutrients required to help the healing process. Jarrah took to her new diet with gusto and started woofin’ down lots of raw goodies.

In addition, I added in nutrients including Glucosamine, fish oil, MSM with goji berry (this is an excellent combo I use regularly), and some wonderful herbs including turmeric, horsetail, roeships and devils claw (among others). I also added in some flower essences to lift her mood.

Within the first month we saw dramatic improvement and that has just increased each month. Five months on she is back to her old, happy and may I say, ‘jumpy excited self”. I love watching the transition in these dogs especially when it comes to their mood. She is once again, a ‘dog’!!

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