Must Love Dogs – Speed Dating!! (Hosted by Fast Match Gold Coast)


The following event is organised by Fast Match

Single and ready to mingle ?

Why not use your pooch to help break the ice between you?

Bring your dog to meet at the ‘Dune Cafe’ at Palm Beach Parklands, to spend 6 minutes chatting to each person of the opposite sex. The fun catch is you will be given your dogs name for the afternoon and you will only be able to talk about your dog!

Can’t bring your dog with you ? No worries! If you cannot bring your dog with you, please at least have plenty of pictures and video to verify you’re a dog owner on your phone.

If you love dogs however do not have a dog currently (or previous had one), are you “Auntie” or “Uncle” to someone else’s dog ? Bring that dog along with you !

The Palm Beach Parklands (at The Pirate Park) has great parking facilities and is directly off The Gold Coast Highway. Complete with Cafe and dog friendly facilities, and walkways direct to the beach.

Inclusions are: Gift bag valued at over $100.



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please note that I am NOT the organisor of this event however I am (since I am single) going to it. Please contact FAST MATCH with any further questions.

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