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So… your pet-kid has diabetes.  If your pet-kid is young or generally youthful you do have a higher chance of it overcoming it (did you know that ? Interesting huh?) however for older pets it is generally going to be something that will be with them for their rest of their senior years.

Life as you know it has forever changed.

Take a deep breath in ….  and relax.

The bond a diabetic cat forms with its owner (the one who is always giving the shots and generally keeping up2date with it all) is unlike any other bond IMO.  I’ve experienced it myself with Puddy – Marnie’s predecessor. For two and half years, just like you, I was stressed whilst on holidays or doing any sort of travel… or even just attending an event locally which happened to coincide  at the time when an injection was due to be administered that day (the second shot). I can empathise.

You can now maintain your sanity, your pets’ health and have quality, loving professional care at a reasonable cost !

As a professional pet carer who has also previously been a pet-parent to a diabetic cat (especially a senior one!), I understand there is more to “it” than just giving an injection once or twice (usually twice) a day.  I also understand (and have the knowledge with thanks to being trained by Dr Kevin from Gold Coast Vet Surgery at the time) about the different types of insulin, never to shake the bottle (NEVER! only roll it), keeping the bottle in the fridge at all times, how to properly measure (and the different needles), “safe” locations for the injection, the time window you can safely administer, and so forth.

Also, with thanks to my real life experience with Puddy (RIP), I’m also quite confident in how to handle pets that have been recently diagnosed thus have not been regulated as yet (needing weekly check-ups with the vet before going monthly).  We will be happy to tailor a package for your needs where pet taxi to and from the vet, the time at the vet as well as the pet sitting can be affordable.  Naturally, we can easily keep you updated and happy to even make the appointments on your behalf.

Your cat or dog who dislikes strangers .. will this be a problem?   With thanks to being raised around cats with all types of personalities as well as my extensive experience as a professional pet carer I personally will know how to handle this situation so as to try to keep the stress (due to the diabetic condition) minimal (and my safety/sanity intact too – lol!!).  I understand how important it is for diabetic cats to keep stress levels low as well as that they MUST have that injection (remember – I understand the “safe time window”).

For unfriendly diabetic animals we would usually recommend our overnight pet/house sitting service which is more affordable than two pet sitting visits and better psychologically for your diabetic pet-kid.  If you do feel the overnight pet/house sitting option is most suitable for your situation, since only currently myself (Aunty Vanessa – the owner) has the experience you will need to book as far in advance as possible (at least four months in advance if possible) to ensure my personal availability.

The best news is that Gold Coast Pet Sitting will not charge extra for giving insulin shots !

As with all of our prices they are all inclusive, one price, full service.

In the end, as with any pet-parent (special needs or not), our mission is to give you the opportunity and freedom to take a much needed vacation, trip out of town or be able to attend local functions easily ………… ultimately giving you, the pet-parent, peace of mind that your pet-kid(s) are receiving quality, loving, compassionate, professional care ….  contact us today to receive your personalised, obligation free quote !



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