‘Sit My House’ Initial House Check Up and ‘Sit My House’ Call Me’ Program

As I always like to network with my fellow professional pet carers on the Gold Coast, I was surfing the listings on the Gold Coast Gumtree Pet Services category.  Noticed a new company had sprung up (there seems to be a new pet care type of business every week) …   I was intrigued by their Gumtree advert.

Went to their website to find out more information as what intrigued me was their claim:

‘Sit My House’ Initial House Check Up and ‘Sit My House’ Call Me’ Program – we can assure you that we offer a service that no other pet sitting company does.

Here’s the thing:  this is a false claim.  I would question their research methodology to come to this conclusion.


Gold Coast Pet Sitting has been been offering this service and will continue to offer a similar service for many years to come…   except …. we have many years worth of experience to knonw that not every person “likes” their neighbours or vice versa.

Gold Coast Pet Sitting never presumes to “know” your situation better than you.

Thus we won’t be leaving “call me” cards on your neighbour’s doors unless you specifically tell us we can inform the neighbours.  We actually are happy to give you extra business cards with our names and phone numbers upon them for you to give to your neighbours if your neighbours need to call us direct.  If your neighbours even need to know the makes and rego of our cars, we are happy to provide these details as well (which we have for many clients).

I personally have also been on the “call” list for the security company for a few clients.


Another unknown fact is that I personally am trained in home safety/security through a course that was put together with the assistance of Five Star Security Training.  This is a course I can assure you is unique and has not been created by anyone else as it has been developed specifically for pet carers.  It’s BECAUSE I’m a single lone female that I created this course: for my own safety as well as the security/safety of the home of the client.

There are a lot of “little” things as well as “big” things that we do as part of our overnight house sitting services to make them incredible value for money …. that we do not scream from the mountain tops about because I believe in being humble and also tailoring each service to the clients’ needs.


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