Call to Boycott/Protest the McGrath Foundation’s annual “Go the Pink Dog” campaign

Several greyhounds before a race.

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Friends of the Hound Inc. is opposed to the McGrath Foundation’s annual “Go the Pink Dog” campaign – a fundraising activity that promotes dog racing and gambling. Despite public concern and widespread opposition the charitable organisation has sadly opted to persist in aligning its undeniably worthy cause with the promotion of an industry directly responsible for the deaths of thousands of dogs every year.

The McGrath Foundation have ignored the ethical and moral issues and implications and continue to exploit these dogs for their own financial gain, despite the fact there is a mass wastage of greyhounds resulting from dog racing and the knowledge that only a very small percentage of greyhounds are actually rehomed as pets out of the average 20,000 bred for dog racing each year in Australia. In effect, the campaign advocates and perpetuates a breeding lottery and subsequent killing of thousands of dogs each year no longer required by a commercial racing/gambling industry.

You can contact the McGrath Foundation to voice your concerns by phoning them on 02 8962 6100 or fax 02 9958 0140, or email

Spread the word about Greyhounds – together we can help, and stop the overbreeding, exploitation and suffering of these beautiful, gentle and friendly dogs

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  1. Juta Stokes says:

    Thank you for taking the time to speak up about this. Between the way they lied about RSPCA involvement last year, and the way they ignored all evidence of animal welfare issues before running this year’s event, the corruption in the McGrath Foundation just stinks. These dogs deserve better.

  2. Hey Juta !

    Thank you for the comment 🙂 and yes it is my pleasure as I’ve met plenty of greyhounds when I used to volunteer as a dog walker at the AWLQ. They’re actually on my list of “my favourite dog breeds”… and yes I’d adopt one or three if I could however at the moment cannot so I do what I can for them none-the-less. I also dislike it when a charity that I thought was “better than that” … well… isn’t.

  3. I send Jane the following letter:

    Hi Jane,

    I am writing to express my concern about your promotion of Greyhound Racing for your charity. Greyhound Racing is a cruel blood sport that takes the lives of all but an elite few of racers, with the majority injured, killed, or dumped because they don’t “make the cut”.

    In the US, 38 states have actually outlawed Greyhound Racing, and only 7 states are still operating race tracks because of the pain and suffering it causes the dogs. It is shocking that it continues here (do they know something we don’t?)

    I am amazed that you promote such a barbaric “poor man’s horse race”, as I believe you wish to raise money in the name of compassion for human suffering, but remain completely insensitive to the suffering of animals.

    Please find another way to raise funds for your worthy cause, as I, my friends, and colleagues cannot support a charity that actually exploits the plight of these beautiful and gentle creatures.


    Victoria Sublette

  4. Thank you Victoria for your comment and awesome letter !

    Do other people have your permission to use it as a template to formulate their own to send to the Foundation ?

    xox Vanessa

  5. Tara Caton says:

    Thank you for speaking up for Aussie Greyhounds. 20,000+ over bred in Aust. to die on race tracks for treatable injuries such as broken hocks (legs), or be euthanised by age 4 for an industry to make milliions, is simply unacceptable & the McGrath Foundation charity needs to utilise other available platforms for raising money ethically.


  6. FACT 1
    Cancer research foundations are such a scam anyway. There are natural cancer cures already out there, but big pharmaceutical aka medical industry suppress any knowledge. It pays to keep you ill.

    FACT 2
    the McGrath Foundation, spent barely a tenth of the funds it raised from public and corporate donors in 2009-10 on the good works it promised. Instead, its accounts show, it banked the donations for future operations and has accumulated a $10 million piggy bank.–but-where-is-the-money-trail-20110826-1jehm.html#ixzz1oQSLZnM5

  7. Hey Chris

    Thank you for your comment. I personally am aware of Fact #1 however ultimately it is up the individual whether they believe it or not 🙂

    As for Fact #2, all non-profits have on-going operational expenses as they’re a business just like any other business (especially as they become more well known and thus grow like any business). As numbers bore me, I’ll have to take your word for it as such. Do you have access to the financials or just the Sydney Morning Herald article ?

  8. Happy to speak up for them as they’re one of my favourite breeds of dogs ! When I volunteered at the AWLQ as a dog walker (a few years ago) I was able to walk many Greyhounds that they had rescued or surrendered to them… and fell in love. There is a lot to love about them especially the fact that they only really need 30 minutes of exercise once a day because they are “built” for sprints not endurance. LOL !

  9. Kylie Southgate says:

    The mcGrath Foundation is undoubtedly a worthy cause and I wish all organisations searching for a cancer cure well, however racing a dog for charity is not appropriate – you are helping save human lives so please don’t support killing dogs in the name of a bit of fun and profits. Australia must wake up and realise that greyhound racing, and all animal racing, is inhumane and unnecessary . Please find another way to raise funds.

  10. Hi gcpets

    Unfortunately McGrath Foundation make their finances very private.. even though they are supposed to be a non profit charity ROFL!!!

  11. Thank you for your comment Kylie !

    I’d have to agree with you…. the humble sausage sizzle (with vegan options) can still be worthwhile… not to mention there are literally a lot of other ways to raise funds in a fun way that doesn’t involve (as you mentioned) anything inhumane.

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