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Canine behavioral problems is certainly one of the most common source of headaches for most dog owners. These issues are often resulting from communication problems between the pet and the owner. Some of the common behavioral issues are biting, chewing, barking, digging, scent marking and the likes. Luckily, you can have an internationally qualified experienced dog behaviourist and Gold Coast Pet Sitting’s team available so you can solve or prevent many of these behavioral problems. Below are some of the most well-known behavioral issues that your dog may possess and the ways concerning how to solve them.

Aggression is one behavioral issue that is considered to be quite widespread. This is due to the fact that your dog can pose a danger not only to other people but to your family too. In terms of this matter, it is important that you know what’s causing the behavioral problem. Dogs are usually aggressive due to the reasons like pain, territorial, defensive and their reproductive desire. If you are
dealing with an aggressive dog, make certain you do it with a companion, just in case. If somehow the problem gets worse, do not hesitate to call a vet or a behaviorist to take care of it.
Organising a consult with the Gold Coast’s best and more affordable dog behaviourist, Katja, will help in stopping canine aggression.

Another behavioral problem that is widely considered to be annoying is excessive barking. Again, it would help you resolve the problem once you know what’s causing it. So determine why your dog won’t stop barking. Your dog may be barking to
attract your attention. If that is the situation, then show to him that it will not work by ignoring him.

Praise him the minute that he stops barking.

Dogs also bark whenever there is a new person in your household, that’s normal. But if he keeps barking long after you have accepted the visitor, then that is regarded as a problem.

One of the most irritating canine behavioral problems is certainly digging. Digging can be really destructive especially if they start doing it in your lawn. Dogs tend to dig in order to spend their energy. So help them expend their energy by either taking them into walks or by playing with them in your yard on a regular basis. These activities can aid in tiring them out. Another solution is to create a specific area for them to indulge in this digging behaviour such as a sandpit or section of garden designed for them.

Most canine behavioral problems can be avoided just as long as your pet undergoes the proper dog training. Just remember that you  need a great deal of patience and determination with regards to correcting your dog’s behavioral problems. But so long that you keep going with it, it shouldn’t take too much time before you can spot the favorable changes.

Gold Coast Pet Sitting’s Doggie Bootcamp is suited to the Pet Parent who wants a premiere house sitting service which involves the help of a Professional Pet Behaviourist/Trainer to accomplish the things you don’t have the time, talent or dedication to do

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  1. Great advice! One key to solving dog behavioral problems is plenty of exercise. If you are unable to exercise your dog enough getting some professional help is a great idea!

  2. The great thing is most dog trainers or dog behaviourists are able to offer the service at affordable rates. Always ask if there are any discounts available as we (Gold Coast Pet Sitting) provide discounts for those who would like to “bulk buy” walks (then use them “as needed”).

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