What do you love about Queensland Lost Pet Register ?

What do you love about Queensland Lost Pet Register ?

Thanks to all the people who entered the Queensland Lost Pet Register competition !   With permission, here are the reasons people submitted as to why they love the Queensland Lost Pet Register……


I love that [all your volunteers] help pets find their homes/ owners and it give everyone the chance to help out too, Its not just a site for people try and scam its an actual Helpful Page That also helped me find my lost dog 2 weeks ago which i am very greatful for 🙂
Jamie J.

The obvious answer is that this incredible facebook page should be truly proud of the fact that they have been responsible for reuniting an amazing amount of family members with the four legged and feathered family members. You ROCK guys!
Peta G.


I love your pages and one of the main reasons is that it can help spread the word about lost and found pets when other organizations are closed especially public holidays. Many years ago my elderly dog wandered off at Easter and I only found him when someone was able to ring the pound and report him on the first day after the holiday break. We had searched all our regular walk trails but he had gone in the opposite direction. It still haunts me.
Dell P.

I love that I know there is an organisation to help me if I am ever missing one of my babies. My pets mean the world to me and to know I will have support in finding them if they are ever missing is reassuring. I appreciate all the hard work these wonderful people put into maintaining this group.
Kellie W.



The “unity” and collective consciousness of everyone helping – its very Australian!!!
Sharon F.

They helped me reunite with my gorgeous lil girl (my dog) and I couldnt be more greatful.
I also love the fact ive been able to help other people reunite with there lost pets by sharing links or directing them to your page.
the page is for an amazing reason and I wish everyone in the world could be as lucky as me to be able to find thier missing pet thanks to an awesome page!
Sarah K.
What I like best about Queensland lost pet register is you are providing a way for families to get in contact with their furbabies. Too many people give up to early on finding their pet you are providing people a way to reunite with their loved animals. 🙂

What’s your reason ? We’d love to know….  post a comment below !

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