Pet Sitting with Car Magnets = Bad Idea on the Gold Coast !

Car wraps, magnets, vinyl letters on the back windscreen of a car…  for pet sitting ?  A lot of people think this is great way of branding and advertising their business.  I couldn’t agree more on that point however… have any of these people really thought about the implications that their obviously branded car has on their clients ?  If they had, they wouldn’t be inclined to have the advertising on their car.

This is why I personally will never have any business branding on my car.

I will also never encourage anyone whom works with Gold Coast Pet Sitting to have branding on their car either.

One of the top (often forgotten) benefits of pet sitting that our clients get to experience is SECURITY !   We’re there for your HOME not just for your pets.  Personally, I feel it is a huge breach of the trust that our clients place with us when we have lettering/branding that is easily read exclaiming that we’re pet sitters.

Whilst some will argue that it will show potential burglars that someone is checking the home regularly – it is also a huge neon sign to say “LOOK NO ONE IS HOME!!”  Whilst not all burglars are smart, most realise this means that the person is also not well trained in home security as well as eventually leaving.

As for any rebuttals about it being safe, most thefts and burglaries are opportunistic in nature….  they can happen in any neighbourhood.  Even “nice” neighbourhoods as you never know who your neighbours know….

Real Life Example:

I personally was pet sitting within a gated community at the time. You would think it being a gated community with active visible security that patrols the residence would be a deterrent?  Unfortunately, no.  I was informed by the security guard that some teenagers (obviously bored) had broken into a few homes.

Luckily, this has never happened to any of our clients (especially our overnight pet sitting or live in house sitting clients) when they’ve been away from their home and pets.  We plan on keeping our unbroken record !

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