For those who are unsure about where to go to find the right vet….

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Here’s an interesting article I found in Cat World online..for those who are unsure about where to go to find the right vet to care for your pet…we have some great vets in the area and get really good feedback from our customers about a number of them…please feel free to ask the girls for cards or contact numbers…we’ve been in Harbourtown for 10 years now and have many regulars who relate their experiences to us…

A great way to find a veterinarian is to ask friends & neighbours for recommendations and why do they like this veterinarian ?

If possible, ask your local vets if it is possible to visit the practice to meet the staff, check out their facilities & find out what services they offer.


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Personally I have my favourite vet, but he doesn’t offer a 24 hour emergency service. However, as I am comfortable with this vet, and most visits can be done during business hours then I am happy with this. However, it is always important to have a backup emergency vet in the event of a night time emergency.

Are cats & dogs caged in separate areas?

Does the practice look clean & sterile?

How do you get along with the staff? Are they friendly & helpful? Do they explain what they’re doing & why? Do they encourage you to ask questions? Do you find them approachable?

Price: Don’t choose your veterinarian based on price alone. Ask if they have payment options, if they accept health insurance for pets, if they take credit cards, cheques etc.

Opening hours: Check what hours they’re open, and if they fit in with your schedule. Ie: if you work full time, are they open on weekends or do they have extended opening hours on certain days of the week?

Is the location convenient to you? What is the parking like? This is certainly a factor but it wouldn’t be a deciding factor. I would prefer to drive 20 – 30kms out of the way to visit a vet I felt comfortable with. But, it is something to consider when choosing a veterinarian.

Are appointments required? If so, what happens if you have a medical emergency with your pet?

What kind of services do they offer? Can they do any in house tests such as blood work & other diagnostic tests? What about x-rays, ultrasound, do they specialise in any specific treatments?

Do they specialise in any particular animal? They may or may not, but also if it is a practice with several veterinarians there may be one specific veterinarian at the practice who does have a special interest in your chosen pet (be it cat, dog, ferret etc).

Do they do house calls for certain procedures such as routine vaccinations? This may not be important to some people but it could be convenient if the owner is disabled or doesn’t own a car.

If you are a breeder, does the vet offer breeder discounts?

If you are a breeder & sell your pets desexed, do they perform early desexing?

Ultimately, if you are not happy then find another veterinarian. It is important for both you & your pet(s) to feel comfortable with your vet.

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