Local Pet News – Koala Lovers, Dog Bans, Animal Cruelty, Cats and Hendra Virus

Interesting day in the news….

Koala lovers want dog ban

Tweed conservation group Team Koala wants dogs banned from new housing estates in the region

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Spike in animal cruelty cases on Coast

AN ALARMING spike in cruelty cases across the Gold Coast has angered animal welfare crusaders.

Among the city’s horror stories are cases of kittens allegedly being stoned by factory workers just for “fun” and guard dogs allegedly being bludgeoned to death as business owners vacate industrial premises.

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Cats could pass on Hendra, says chief vet

Domestic cats have the potential to contract the fatal Hendra virus and pass it to humans, Queensland’s chief veterinary officer says.

Dr Rick Symons says studies are being done to better understand how Hendra spreads, its effects on family pets and how dogs and cats can pass the virus to humans.

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