The Triple Protection of Hiring a Professional Pet Sitter (Guest Blog Post)


Pet my tummy pleaseToday’s blog post is courtesy of Danielle C. from Protecting Max in Dallas, Texas. Danielle is an ex-pat (Aussie) and co-founder of Association Of Pet Sitting Excellence (which I’m an active member).  The following applies to us here in Australia not just the USA. 

We get many inquiries for pet sitting services each week from pet owners and we regularly follow up with potential clients that tell us that they found a friend or neighbor that can care for the pets for this trip.

As a professional pet sitting service your friends, family or neighbors are our biggest competition.  They are there ready to help you out and care for your pets so that you don’t have to pay a service while you travel.


And don’t get us wrong we understand that owning pets can get expensive especially when you travel.  And we certainly don’t question the ability of your friends and neighbors to care for your pets – most have pets of their own.  But what happens if something goes wrong while friends and neighbors are caring for your pets.  Will you be covered?


What many pet owners don’t realize is that when you hire a professional pet care service you are really  paying for peace of mind and protection of your pets and your home.

When you hire a professional to care for your pets your pets and home are protected in three ways:


A professional pet sitting company carries liability insurance.

Pet sitting liability insurance is there for protecting you, the pet owner.  It covers your pets, and  your home and it’s contents.  If your pet is injured during your vacation then the insurance will cover all their vet bills.  If your sitter loses your keys the insurance will pay to install new locks on your home.  If the person caring for your pets leaves the water on and your house floods then the damage will be paid for by their insurance.


Of course these are all worse case scenarios and at Protecting Max in our 7 years caring for pets we have never had any of these incidents happen and we have not had to make a claim on our liability insurance.  We always take every precaution to avoid injury to your pets or damage to your home.  But if the worst does happen then you will be covered.



A professional pet care company has a back up plan

Have you ever thought about what would happen to your pets if your friend or neighbor had a life threatening emergency?  They may be in a car accident or have a sudden family emergency .  What will happen if they can’t be there to care for your pets?  Will anyone else know that they were acting as the caregivers for your pets?  Will anyone notice if your pets go without care ?


When we sign on to be your professional pet sitter we always have a back up plan.  If one of our pet sitters is injured or hospitalized then we step in to take over their jobs or assign them to another pet sitter.  Your pets will never be without care.

A note from Gold Coast Pet Sitting:   This also applies if you plan to use your friends or family to board your pets at their home. What happens if they find it is all “too much” ?  Or they have some other form of emergency where minding your pet is now an inconvenience ? Just because they adore their own pets does not (unfortunately) always translate into love for other peoples’ pets.  Case in point … we had a client recently who whilst she adored her own pets caused terrible anxiety in her friend’s dog whom she was minding due to lack of dog behaviour/psychology knowledge (her actions caused her friend’s dog to become anxious).  We were scheduled to help with walks and in the end she ended up dumping the dog back at its home (most likely not telling the friend I’m guessing).  In the end, the dog was much better off being at home (no anxiety) instead of with our client.  


A professional pet sitter knows what do do in a pet emergency

If one of your pets has a health emergency while in the care of your friends an neighbors will they be prepared and be able to act quickly?  Will they know how to give CPR or bandage a wound that is bleeding profusely?


All of our pet sitters are trained in pet first aid, know the symptoms of illness in your pets, and know who to react quickly to protect the health of your pets.  I teach pet CPR and rescue skills during my regular first aid classes which all of our pet carers attend.  They will be able to take the proper action to safegaurd your pets and they know the location of the nearest pet emergency hospital and are willing to take the time to get your pet there to be assessed by a veterinarian if required.


Most importantly when you hire a professional pet carer –  the care of your pets is our job and we take this responsibility very seriously.   Other priorities or emergencies will not stand in the way of us caring for your pets.


You can trust that we will do everything in our power to protect the safety and wellness of your pets at all times.  You can always contact us to check on your pets during your travels too and we’ll be happy to call you or text you with updates.


So next time you are traveling make sure to value the peace of mind that you will get from hiring a professional pet sitter to care for your pets.  We’ll love them like our own and offer you triple protection!


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