Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Gold Coast Pet Owners

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Make this New Year unlike any other — make a real difference in 2012 by forging a pact with your pet. These resolutions will help keep your pet happy, healthy and safe throughout the year. And well, what’s more important than that ?

  • Pet-proof your home – As you may already know, pets get into anything and everything! Keep poisons and other dangerous items in secure places, preferably in a locked cabinet or in a room that is out of the animal’s reach. If you would like further advice or for someone to provide you a consultation on how to pet proof your home – contact Katja !
  • Get your pet ID’d and Registered – It is now law within the Gold Coast to have cats as well as dogs registered with the council.  Even if your cat is 100% indoor cat who dislikes a collar (Marnie falls into this category), unless you can afford the hefty fines and want the distress that a missing pet causes – it’s worth every penny ! Also, take your pet to your local vet who will most likely do a free microchip scan to ensure your chip is working (and your details are up2date).  Now that your pet is registered and has a microchip – do the trifecta: have a pet ID tag on your pet’s collar !  This is an inexpensive (around $10) item that will mean identifying your pet and your contact information will help your chances of having your pet returned should it become lost — especially in the case of lost dogs and cats. Just remember to keep the contact information current!  ( Peter Pignolet is reunited with his beloved [missing] Inka after 10 years – news article )
  • Socialize your pet – Don’t worry; you don’t have to create a Facebook profile for them. But like children, your pet can become destructive and unmanageable when she is not given enough attention, exercise or is not allowed to socialize with other animals of her kind. Obedience training is more than just about teaching your dog manners – it’s about providing mental stimulation (exercise it’s brain not just its body). And remember, it’s never too late to train an animal.  ( Come join the I Love Dogs meetup group ! We’d love to see you at one of our meetups… )
  • Groom your pet – There is nothing worse than a stinky pet. Stay on top of her/his grooming routine — bathe her/him, brush her/him coat, and clip her/his nails. All these things will make her/him the envy of your block. And if you haven’t noticed yet, your pet is usually happier when she/he is clean and pretty.  This applies to cats just as much as dogs especially medium to long haired cats.  Not all hydrobath service operators are groomers (they just ‘wash’ dogs), please ensure your dog groomer is adequately qualified to groom your pet.  Contact us for a list of suitable qualified and experienced dog and cat groomers on the Gold Coast (mobile and salon/shop based). 
  • Create a maintenance checklist – Maintenance is perhaps the most dreaded of all pet resolutions. Perhaps it’s the awful smells or all the cleaning involved. Whatever the reason, developing proper maintenance habits (e.g., emptying the kitty litter box, cleaning the cage, changing the newspaper clippings) will create a clean and pleasant environment for your pet. Also, poor sanitation can lead to behavior and health issues.  [ click here to read our FAQ about our poop scooping / pet waste removal service ]
  • Exercise with your pet more – Need an exercise partner? Look no further. Some dogs are satisfied with a walk around the neighborhood once a day, while others require additional exercise time. Take it to a park, to the beach or to your backyard, just make sure you have fun, too! Oh, and don’t forget about your other pet(s). Just because she isn’t a dog, doesn’t mean she doesn’t need exercise. (We’re looking at you, Kitty!)   [ Click here for our value for money dog walking rates on the Gold Coast ]
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