Outbreak of Parvovirus in Upper Coomera ! [ URGENT – Please share! ]

Outbreak of Parvovirus in Upper Coomera !

If you live and/or work within Upper Coomera please be careful. Contact BFAR for further information as this is being shared around Facebook currently

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Post by Best Friends Animal Rescue

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From: Meghan Wakefield

Hi im just wanting to let everyone know there has been an outbreak of Parvovirus in Upper Coomera 7 dogs have died in our street alone including our 12 week puppy and 9 year old beloved chihuahua puppy was just about to have her 12 week vaccinations and our chihuahua was fully vaccinated but she stillpicked up a slight bit of the virus and she had a temperature which caused her to have a stroke as she was prone to seizures we are all pretty sure we know what dog is spreading it the owners constantly let it out and it poo’s on everyones lawn its also recently had parvo and survived it and I can guarantee these people are not the type to clean up its environment afterwards and this virus can be walked onto other environments on the dogs feet owners shoes its indestructable and it doesnt need a live host to survive So i am urging all dog owners in the Upper Coomera area particulaly in the vacinity of Fawn Street to please please please avoid walking your pets up our street and make sure your pets are vaccinated and keep an eye on them closely they seem almost depressed then they go off their food and fluids if this happens take them straight to a vet it kills so quickly and I would hate to see anyone else lose their pet its devastating.


Update:  Just FYI, we originally published this post on the 2nd January 2012…..  The Gold Coast Bulletin published a news story about this January 25th 2012 ( click here for full article ).  We suggest that anyone who is coming to this page through Google please contact your nearest local vet (or we suggest The Vet Lounge) for more information and any tips/advice.

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