Tips to get THE BEST EXPERIENCE out of working with your pet sitter, pet minder or dog walker

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Confirm your travel plans and pet sitting services.

This tip comes from our experiences over the years as a full time professional pet care service. If you keep this tip in mind you’ll be helping us provide the very best care possible for your pets. And rest assured, we have a much longer list of things to do than you do ! 

Email and call your pet sitter before you leave town (within 48 hours of you leaving) as one last confirmation that your trip is going as scheduled. There have been cases involving pet owners booking the wrong dates by mistake*, or the pet care business adding them to their calendar on the incorrect dates. Contacting your pet sitter just before you leave will ensure that you both have the correct dates.



* Gold Coast Pet Sitting relies upon what is stated within the Service Contract you have signed with us.  Please always ensure to double-check that the dates (and all other information) that you have stated within the service contract are correct.  If needed, please send us a “novel” via email with detailed instructions in regards to everything you think you need for us to know. 

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