Wildcats Gold Coast NEEDS YOU !

Wildcats Gold Coast NEEDS YOU !

WildCats is an animal welfare organisation and registered charity operating on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane and specialising in the taming, rescuing and rehoming of wild and abandoned cats.

We are currently very low on food and urgently need more to continue feeding our cats. Every day we feed 77 cats and go through 6 x 1kg boxes of dry food, 6-7kgs of pet mince and 15 x 400gm cans of cat food.

We need donations of the following:
DRY FOOD – Whiskas, Friskies, Kit-E-Kat, Coles Complete, Woollies Select, Supercoat
CAN FOOD – Whiskas, Kit-E-Kat, Snappy Tom, Sylvester, Coles & Woollies cheap brands

If you can help with a food donation or with money for us to buy food, please call Barb on 07 5594 3333 or 0414 314 443 or visit our website at https://www.wildcatsqld.com and go to the donate page.  Many thanks.

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