Arthritis in Dogs ….

Successful arthritis treatment can do wonders for a dog’s quality
of life. Frequently the signs are simply ascribed to “old age”
and only once your dog is on treatment do you realise
how much arthritis pain was affecting them.

Arthritis in Dogs …. What Can You Do?

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AUTHOR: Dr Kevin Cruickshank

Dr Kevin along with his lovely wife Fiona own Gold Coast Vet Surgery.
“Where Pets Are Family” !


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  1. V icki Rohrscheib says:

    Digger is a 13 year old German Shepherd with arthuritis in her left leg she is 30kg what can I get for her

  2. Hi Vicki

    Best results are achieved with a combination of treatments. There are 3 major areas – Weight Loss, Controlled Exercise and Medications.

    Read the full article at for further information 🙂

  3. fudgeluckydog says:

    i agree with what u had told to vicki gcpets. cuz i had read those information at there are many treatments and supplement found on his blog. and thats what i had found and learn to his blog.

  4. Thanks for sharing that article. Its so interesting!

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