Vetcall Burleigh highlights Pets’ Dental Health


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via Vetcall Burleigh
Dogs and Cats are coming in with an alarming rate of dental problems. If your pet has bad breath or seems to have a sore mouth you should check their teeth. If you are unsure get your vet to check your dogs/cats teeth for dental disease. Dental disease leads to many health problems including kidney failure, heart failure, anorexia and severe infections. Avoid problems by regularly checking your dogs/cats teeth and getting things tended to early before serious health risks occur.

The above quote taken from Facebook Tuesday 22nd March highlights the need for all pet owners to be aware of their pets dental health just as much as their own.  Dental health is pets is just one of the many skills and pieces of knowledge you’ll learn as part of the Pet Tech Australia PetSaver courses.  There are regular courses held on the Gold Coast – click here for more info.

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