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“Cats climb to capacity”

The Animal Welfare League Qld are quickly running out of space for the high volume of cats inundating the Gold Coast Shelter and are making a plea to anyone in the community who can come forward to adopt.

AWLQ spokewoman Katie Garrett encourages anyone who has been thinking about a new pet but isn’t sure of the long term commitment a pet can be, to also consider fostering for AWLQ.

‘Traditionally AWLQ receive lots of offers to foster kittens, but it is always harder to find temporary foster homes for adult cats’ she said.

On the Gold Coast anyone who breeds must now have a breeders permit and unpermitted breeders can be fined for breeding without a permit.

However help is available to prevent being fined and adding to the oversupply of cats on the Gold Coast.

Gold Coast City Council Desexing Vouchers are still available to help people needing financial support to get their female cats desexed for just $40.  To apply for a voucher,  phone NDN on 5509 9001.

There are now ten vets acorss the Gold Coast who are generously participating in this program, so everyone can access a vet.

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