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** UPDATE **  Please go to bottom of this post for latest news !!

Even tho’ I personally am not a home owner currently one of my ultimate dreams is to own my own home (naturally).  I’ve been watching this unfold locally and know plenty of Gold Coast residents who are affected by what is happening with water rates. One of my long time regular clients forwarded the following to me thus I am passing it on to you in case you would like to participate.

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Water is a right to sustain life, NOT a right to make profit!

Disclaimer: Please note that we are not legal minds, this is not legal advice in any way. We have no qualification to give legal or any advice in any way.  We are residents just like you who are angry at the ridiculous water charges and being held to ransom to pay them, when there appears to no justification other than millionaire salaries.  We also know that State Government were aware that this would happen and did nothing to prevent it.  Now it is our turn to fight back and say NO!

Thank you for joining the Water Rate Rebellion, even if you are not a home owner, please forward to everyone in your address book.  You may not be a home owner today, but you may be in the future and so might your children. <— please sign and distribute  this petition

The idea of the Water Rate Rebellion is not about refusing to pay for water.  No, we are all very clear that there is a charge for water supply.  However, the people want to have a say in what is deemed to be fair pricing for their water.  It is quite simple really, no one likes to be told what to do… and here we have a Water company telling the residents of the Gold Coast, we are going to supply your water at whatever rate we like, we have no competitors to compete with, we are going to earn fat cat salaries, have the best office space in town, make bucket loads of profit for our shareholders and YOU ARE GOING TO PAY FOR IT ALL…….Well!!!…..Now you have a civil uprising, because before we pay anything we want a few questions answered first.

The Water Rebellion idea is simple, we need all Gold Coast residents to do 2 very simple things.

1. Sign the Petition to Allconnex ( )

2. Spread the word about this petition to everyone within your contact book. That is all.

UPDATE !! We have now had calls from councillors happy to back the petition 100% and offering to present it to State Gvt on behalf of the people. BUT we need the numbers. The Daylight Saving Petition got 87,000 signatures BUT they needed 100,000 to change it. This is exactly the same. Please ensure every one in your household that understands what the petition is about signs it, you DON’T have to over 18. We need husbands, wives and all young adults to sign to get the numbers we need. Do not rely on one signature per household, it is not enough! Click here to sign People Power Will Prevail

Thank you for your support and Good Luck!!  xox Kirsty

Join our facebook page please go to Gold Coast Fights Allconnex or click the following link:

We need as many followers as possible on the Facebook page, so even though you have e-mailed in, please join our page.

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  1. Phil Baker says:

    These rediculous rates are paying for allconnex lazy, fatcat exec’s & it’s due to Bligh’s beurocracy – passing the buck to allconnex to create an excuse & scapegoat, for the public to pay more.

  2. Hey Phil – It is a big CON ! The people of the Gold Coast (and elsewhere) need to stand up + be heard. Please sign the petition and send it to as many of your contacts as possible ! If you’re on the Gold Coast you’re more than welcome to come along to the rally this weekend. Please view / join the FB page that is referenced in the blog post 🙂

    xox Vanessa

  3. SEND A LETTER OF DISPUTE TO YOUR WATER PROVIDER And never pay for toxic water again.

    From 1 January 2011, every Australian consumer was protected in the same way under the Australian Consumer Law from unsafe consumer products and product-related services.

    Allconnex (The Retailer) are in breach of the new Australian Consumers Law Act by Retailing a Toxic Chemical Product containing Endocrine Disrupters. See the latest product safety news and the full set of national product safety standards and bans, and report any concerns about unsafe products through

    Please see this videos of World Leading Scientist Professor Paul Connett: ‘Your Toxic Tap Water’ also Dr. Russell Blaylock a World leading Neuro Surgeon: ‘Fluoride’s Deadly Secret’ on Home Page Read the Evidence of what is actually in your Tap Water and register your Vote to end it.

    Your health and that of your loved ones in being compromised for profit and in turn calcifies the part of your Brain that allows you to comprehend or resist. See Material Safety Data Sheet, 11 Organ Damage.

    Your Tap Water contains Sodium Fluoride which is an S 7 Poison and Endocrine Disrupter.

    Poisons Scheduling:

    About the Chemicals
    Poisons and medicines scheduling is a national classification system that controls how chemicals and medicines are made available to the public. The scheduling of poisons & medicines was considered by the National Drugs and Poisons Schedule Committee (NDPSC).

    Kind regards.


  4. Susan Lew says:

    Like many others, I am sick of being ripped off!!! We are two people living in a villa. We have a tiny garden. We now use the bidet one day and shower the next. We are very conservative with water, and yet our latest bill from Allconnex is $820.04. An increase of over $200.00 from the last bill. They’ve got to be joking! I’d like to know how they read our meter with undisturbed sand caked over it. Nobody’s been near the meter. I complained last time to Allconnex and received a ‘mumbo jumbo’ letter in return. This is THEFT!!!!!



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