IN MEMORANDUM  | Queensland Floods – Ways To Help #qldfloods

IN MEMORANDUM | Queensland Floods – Ways To Help #qldfloods

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My favourite QLD Floods Photo

I’m keeping this page (originally published 13 January 2011) in honour of the QLD Floods in 2011 — January 2012 update…. 

To everyone that was affected by the floods this time last year, you are not forgotten, people are still here for you, even if just to lend an ear or hand out a few hugs. 

Social media is awesome !  If you are on Facebook and/or Twitter, you’ll understand the vital role it has played in the crisis.

If you are on Facebook – press LIKE at and read all the comments for plenty of information. I’m updating that specific status with information.

This is in no particular order as I’m re-posting from the Gold Coast Pets facebook page:

  • Please visit Shoot-Ya-Pooch Pet Photography on Facebook. Jenny is doing an awesomely wicked job in trying to organise a list of drop off locations and the exact supplies required so people can help AFTER THE CLEAN UP !  Unless the listed charities specifically request for outside volunteers to help clean up – please leave the clean up to REGISTERED volunteers and staff (due to liability issues) as each shelter is a declared disaster zone
  • Calls are now being made for tradesman who can volunteer for rebuilding during rebuild. They can for now use this link and a database is being prepared and will be released sometime soon.

If you’re on Facebook … and want to volunteer as the clean up will be happening for many days to come – you can join Brisbane Floods Volunteer Community group at

  • Brisbane City Council needs earth moving equipment with drivers !! If you can help they will supply the fuel. To register email: Please share with anyone you know with earth moving equipment !
  • Storage king has just put out an offer for those who live in Brisbane affected by floods for free storage, they have trucks and trailers available to help evacuate just call 1800storage. Paste this on your page to help get the word out there.
  • ALL TOLLS on the GATEWAY and LOGAN Motorways are back as of Tuesday 18 January. Thus if you’re not prepared to pay the tolls, please find an alternative route.

** HELP ** All volunteer centres are asking for bottled water to be dropped to them and they will distribute to the volunteers at that meeting point 🙂 as some areas don’t have access to tap water.

  • *** Remember *** If you require assistance from the SES following storm or flood events please call 132 500 ***** Tho’ they will not helicopter pets so please always ensure you are evac-d before you reach this point.
  • Please do not CALL the RSPCA unless you have an animal emergency as their Call Centre is under strain from this disaster. The RSPCA Flood Appeal link is

Important contact details during the current disaster situation:

New toll-free number set up for those interested in volunteering or donating goods and services for the Queensland floods – 1800 994 100 !!

  • ****** KEEP ALL ANIMALS AND PEOPLE AWAY FROM FLOOD WATERS IF POSSIBLE – PLEASE ! ******  Yet another reason to stay out of floodwater! Sewerage is overflowing into rivers and creeks upstream of Brisbane meaning there is raw sewerage in the river as floodwaters continue to rise.
  • ***IMPORTANT TIP***  An address, phone number and drivers license number should ensure you can always track down the temporary custodian of your pets ! Unfortunately, this precaution needs to be done to stop any opportunistic thieves (as their are rumors of horse thieves etc).
  • RT @abcnews: A bull shark has been spotted in a flooded street in Goodna, between Ipswich and Brisbane <– In other words, be careful when walking through flood waters please !
  • *** HELPFUL ADVICE *** If you know of anyone with flood affected photos, tell them to keep them wet in fresh clean water and get them to Inkjet Lab as soon as possible. They will copy and save their memories to a digital file AT NO CHARGE. Time is of the essence here so please post this as your status and let’s save as much history as we can
  • *** HELPFUL ADVICE ***  QLD Library says wrap wet photos/books in Gladwrap and put in freezer until the next dry sunny day to prevent mildew/rot.
  • FROM BEST FRIENDS RESCUE: If people are interested in fostering dogs, instead of posting it on [their facebook wall] can you please email Tyleah at ….. That way Tyler can send you out the information/form. BFR will have you on record to contact. Thanks!!  PS If doesn’t work try
  • FROM OPTUS *** HELPFUL ADVICE ***  If you are in an affected area & have a 3G handset, switching to 2G can help conserve the battery life on your handset.
  • AES Pet and Wildlife Flood Relief Appeal

    FROM RSPCA QLD *** PLEASE SHARE *** Please remember QLD based Animal EMERGENCY calls to 1300 852 188 or 1300 ANIMAL (1300 264 625), all other inquiries, please try online options to contact us. THANK YOU all for you love and well wishes.

Do you have a spare bed or room ?  You can register with “OFFER A BED”

  • FROM Queensland Flood Pet Options ****** Flood injury warning ******  Sharp and dangerous debris may be hidden under the surface that may cause serious injury to your pet. Pets may also be at risk of being carried away in fast moving water, while illness due to water quality issues is also a risk.

If you find a sick or injured animal needing assistance then please take it to your local vet (or Animal Emergency Service who is providing free vet care) or call the RSPCA on 1300ANIMAL (1300264625). We will try to put you in touch with a local wildlife rescue volunteer or rehabilitator who can offer assistance.   READ MORE AT

  • The Qld Horse Council will be handling the lost horse register, contact point for lost horses, found horses and found dead horses until Monday/possibly Tuesday. Calls direct to Debbie Dekker 07 54646785 mob 0420926281 or Fiona Thompson 0434182721 or email  …… From Tuesday Biosecurity Qld will also be taking info and forwarding it to SEQLD Horse Rescue for Flood Victims – that number is 132523
  • Snake Catchers have organized for SNAKES to be moved free of charge for any flood affected houses in the Brisbane and the Ipswich area during the clean up. Southside: Geoff 0402 016 220, Northside: David 0409 675 522, Western Suburbs & Ipswich: Bryan 0413 028 081. Call the Gentleman in your region for this assistance.

There is even more information available on the Gold Coast Pets facebook page wall.

Please also post comments below this blog with any additional information that will be of assistance !

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