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Are you concerned about how your dog will handle being away from you ?

Put the worry aside and get prepared with these tips from Cesar Milan!

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As per the article from Cesar Milan we will assist in balancing and calming your dog if s/he is anxious or nervous when you are first away. Remember, it’s about energy and matching energy. Leaving a hyperactive dog with an elderly relative is not a good idea.

Ideally, according to Cesar, you would have someone stay at your home and maintain the dog’s normal routine.  This is why we offer live in house sitting as well as pet sitting visits to your home instead of dog boarding or minding.

Keeping your dog in its own home environment is best for your dog and more convenient for you.

If your dog is used to a one-hour walk every morning, it will not be fulfilled by a 15-minute walk instead. In fact, the reverse is better.  Thus if your only option is to leave your dog with someone who cannot maintain your exercise routine or schedule, hire a us as your dog walker to help share the responsibilities.

The only part of the article that I do not support is this part:

[Dog Walkers] who are comfortable walking more than three dogs at a time are probably going to be the best handlers, even if you just have one dog.

We are unable to do as such due to liability issues. Our insurance only covers each of us for two dogs at any one time. It’s actually quite expensive and difficult to get the right type of public liability insurance to offer dog walking for 3 or more dogs at any one time. It’s not a reflection on our ability, it’s a reflection on our insurance. 🙂

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