Mocha and Latte UPDATE

Mocha and Latte UPDATE

Mocha and Latte Guinea Pigs

Mocha (tri colour) and Latte (dark brindle)

Just a quick note to say that I was able to catch up with Mocha and Latte recently.  I also took the chance to donate some more funds towards my sponsorship of the boys. I figure it’s the next best thing I can do since I personally am not in a situation where I can foster and/or adopt them.


As of this blog entry, “the boys” are looking for their Forever Home.  They will have to be re-homed together since they have such a strong bond (and it’s best for “piggies” to be in pairs as they are actually quite a social animal).  Just contact Alex at Gold Coast Guinea Pig Rescue for further information on adoption, being a foster carer and/or proper care of Guinea Pigs.

Enjoy the following video footage I shot of them enjoying some “fun in the sun”.  This is most certainly entertaining if nothing else.

xox Aunty Vanessa

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