101 Ways to Keep Your Dog Entertained

I bought this book in late September. I love it.  I’m sharing some of it with you here.  You can also download a preview of the eBook [ here ] — xox Aunty Vanessa

101 Ways to Keep Your Dog Entertained

by Sarah McMullen [ BUY NOW ]

In 101 Ways to Keep your Dog Entertained Sarah McMullen shows you how to enrich your dogs life & prevent and solve behaviour problems by starting at home. Sarah’s informative & light hearted style guides you step by step…..giving you the keys to help prevent serious problems like separation anxiety, and solving many destructive and unacceptable behaviour problems.

Full of practical, innovative suggestions that will benefit both you and your dog


  • Over 101 ways to keep your dog entertained
  • Valuable information for home alone dogs
  • Welfare and safety considerations
  • Low cost ideas
  • Ideas for interactive entertainment
  • Training and health care ideas & instruction
  • The best toys & items you can buy
  • And much more!

101 Ways to Keep your Dog Entertained is a MUST HAVE for Every Dog Owner!


Here’s a sample:


Empty Ice-cream Containers

You may wish to hide a treat underneath.  You can also use them with a lid and treats inside. Place some treats inside and attach the lid. See how long it takes them to work it out!

Have you bought this eBook ?  What did you think of it ?

Have you tried the Empty Ice Cream Container idea ?  What was your experience ?

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