The 7pm Project – Puppy Factories Expose

The 7pm Project – Puppy Factories Expose

7pm Project Puppy Factory StoryYou can love him or loathe him however the one thing we can all agree upon is:

…he is a public figure that the general public believe when he speaks about animal issues because he’s a vet, he has his own tv show etc and so in doing a story on puppy farms [ factories ] and talking to people like Debra Tranter it has brought it more to the general public’s attention, which is fantastic.

If you missed the original segment (like me) – here is the YouTube video of it:

A lot of people are now asking “HOW CAN I HELP ?”  – this has stirred something within them.  Whether it was because they honestly didn’t know they existed or they did however only NOW want to help… it is all welcome.

1. Sign the Petition started by the RSPCA + share it with as many people as you can

2. Act now to help make Oscar’s Law a reality !  (What is Oscar’s Law?)

3. Support the Pet Stores/Shops that are External Rehoming Centres (only “selling” shelter animals)

If you cannot do number 3, the alternative is to only shop at stores/shops that do not sell pets at all.  You hold a lot of power as a consumer, use your dollars wisely.

4. Write to the Pet Industry Association of Australia to tell them to stop allowing their Pet Store/Shop members to “sell” pets unless they’re from a REPUTABLE breeder or shelter (that’s it). Inform them that you (as a consumer) find it absolutely disgusting that such an organisation like theirs would even allow the selling of potential puppy factory pets (as they have stated that one of the sources they allow is “accidental births from the public” – it shouldn’t be tolerated!!)

5. Tell as many of your friends, family, etc to only buy from REPUTABLE registered breeders. The breeder has to have a good reputation not just be registered… if a person “must” have a “pure bred” dog.

6. Volunteer your time or foster with your local shelter or any animal welfare type organisation

How will you help ?

Are there any other ways we all can help minimise puppy factories ?

Do you support the ban of pets being sold within pet stores/shops (only shelter animals) ?


  1. Jo Hilliard says:

    Totally support your efforts. My beautiful Scooby is more than likely a product of these farms. He was sold as a chihuahua/jack russell cross, but is more like 90% corgi! A more beautiful, loyal and clever dog you could not meet, but I deplore how these poor mites are brought into the world, and the fate that befalls too many of them, and their poor mothers!

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