Ban would send shop to doghouse

Ban would send shop to doghouse

This article as hit Facebook and it’s “stirred” up a heap of furry over the sale of pets in pet shops.

Ban would send shop to doghouse

from Queensland Times newspaper ….  click the headline (or here) to read full article.

I first found this article via the Facebook group –

MAKE PET ADOPTION YOUR 1st OPTION (Animals looking for homes)

Thanks to Rachael McMeeking I learnt that the PIAA (Pet Industry Association of Australia) supports this action:

“Pet Industry Association spokesman Roger Perkins said the petition was short-sighted and that only 10 per cent of cats and dogs were sold through pet shops.” – where is he getting this figure from? Enquiring minds want to know.

she then followed up as she contacted the PIAA for further clarification (click on the image to see a larger version):

Facebook CommentIt then hit the Animal Welfare League of Qld facebook page … with the following being one of the comments:

About Puppy Brokers Facebook Comment(click image to enlarge)

As someone who was a former volunteer and foster carer for the AWL (read my story on how Marnie came into my life), I cannot any longer support the sale of pets within pet shops.  There are plenty of pet stores who are affiliated with the AWL helping to re-home cats and/or dogs doing quite well.  They’re far from being “in the doghouse” or going broke over it.

“Not having them would be very bad for business. They grab people in; people like to have a look at them at the front of the store.”

Then get one of the many available puppies and/or kittens from the RSPCA or AWL !  If it is about “grabbing peoples’ attentions at the front of the store”… why not do so with a shelter pet ? Why does it have to be from a puppy broker ?  I just don’t feel (after reading that comment about the puppy brokers because I’ve heard similar stories over the years) that the PIAA can ensure that those Pets Paradise (or similar) stores are using “ethical” means to supply animals to those stores.

Another  of the quotes that REALLY got to me from the article:

“If we have them for a week or two and can’t sell them we move them on to other stores. They are very well looked after.

How does “shipping around” a puppy or kitten is looking after them well ? You’re treating them as a product !  Just as they get used to the sights, sounds and smells of one store … they get yanked out to be moved to another because “they didn’t get sold” !

As you can see, it has fired me (and a lot of other people judging by all the comments on Facebook) up.  I cannot in my right mind support the PIAA or become a member until they encourage the pet stores who are their members to opt to help with adoption first and foremost.  If the PIAA really does encourage adoption first, why don’t they “encourage” their members who are pet shops who sell pets to affiliate with the RSPCA or AWL ?   I would rather “shop” at a store that had a shelter pet or three at the front of their store as their “grabber” than $800 Cavoodle (and who’s to say that is a proper well/pure bred puppy ? Do they have the papers ? Can I meet the “mum and dad” to ensure it is of good breeding + worth that price tag?).

What’s  you opinion ?

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UPDATE: The comments have gone near 100 comments now on just that one “post” !  Did you know that there are a lot of Gold Coast based (and now two Brisbane) pet stores who assist the Animal Welfare League of Queensland with re-homing of shelter cats and dogs ?  They’re called External Rehoming Centres and you can find the ever growing list ( here ).


  1. It’s not just puppies and kittens who suffer in pet shops. The same applies to guinea pigs, mice and rats. Most pet shops know nothing about guinea pigs and what their dietary requirements are. They care nothing for the animal, they’re only interested in selling all the accompanying accessories such as a hutch, food etc.

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