10 ideas to help you memorialise and honour your past pets

10 ideas to help you memorialise and honour your past pets


Grief after losing a pet is natural, especially if they have been an important member of the family. Losing something that you have loved can make you feel alone and bereaved so never think that you are being “silly” for having such feelings.

As pet owners ourselves we understand what you are going through. We KNOW how important your pet was to your whole family structure, how things AREN’T the same around the home anymore and how all of those small things bring back memories.

Because we all handle grief differently, it is sometimes difficult for others to understand those feelings. We are here to help you through that process. Sometimes just being able to sit down and talk about your feelings freely with someone who understands can help. We are available anytime to help you through your grief, or just as someone to talk to.

This is a free service we offer as we believe this to be an important part of our complete cremation service.  We are experienced with handling grief, please allow us to help guide you through this difficult period in your life.

Here are some ideas to help you memorialise and honour your past pets.

  1. If there was a spot in your yard that was your pet’s favourite, plant a tree, bush, or perennial flower there with which to remember him or her.
  2. Scatter your pet’s ashes in a favourite park, woods, or spot in the garden.
  3. Write a thank-you note to your pet and have it cremated with him or her, or have the note put into the urn with his or her ashes.
  4. Create a memorial shrine with photos, beloved toys, name tages etc.
  5. Draw or paint a picture of your pet or have a professional paint a portrait from a favourite photograph.
  6. Decorate your pet’s urn or casket/burial box with meaningful items.
  7. Create a photo collage and include words cut out from various magazines that make you think of your pet’s personality.
  8. Develop your own private ceremony or ritual.
  9. Create a shadow box with such items as a lock of your pet’s fur, photos, toys etc.
  10. Make a screensaver slide show on your computer starring your pet.

Some people will go out and get another pet straight away which can help the healing process by filling that gap immediately.  However, it is usually best to work through the grief and loss first before getting another pet.  If your emotions are still in turmoil it may be difficult to establish that close bond with a new pet straight away.

Remember that a new pet can never be a replacement. Children in particular can sometimes feel that loving a new pet is disloyal to the previous pet. A new pet should be acquired because you are ready to move forward and build a new relationship rather then looking backward and mourning your loss. You will know when you are ready for another pet but give yourself and your family chance to mourn first. There is always room in our heart for more love!

Please feel free to call us either before or after the service if you feel you would like some support or advice.




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