Apartment-friendly Pets for Everyone

Apartment-friendly Pets for Everyone

By Ebrown

Many people feel that they are limited in their choices for the pets they can own when it comes to apartment living. The pet shouldn’t be too large, noisy, smelly, annoying, etc. However, people with this idea are not thinking outside of the box. Come on people! Expand that mind and just think about all of the small furry (and not-so-furry) creatures that could bring fun and joy to your life.

First, one of my favorite animals for apartment living is the classic kitty cat. I am partial to cats because I like my independence, which is something they cherish also. That’s not to say dogs aren’t wonderful – they are super fun to cuddle with and make you feel happier when you’re sad. However, cats have an advantage on dogs for apartment living as they are generally smaller, make less noise, and don’t have to be let out to do their business. Another plus for cats: you can leave for a whole day and not worry that they’re going to starve or pee all over your carpet.

Now bear with me on this one: I love rats. I know, it sounds nasty, but from every rat owner I’ve ever listened to, they are amazing pets! Despite the reputation of being dirty animals, rats are actually quite clean and affectionate pets. They are social animals, so having two of them (preferably the same sex) will keep them happy and provide you with entertainment! Rats are a little larger than mice, so they are easier to hold and with human interaction, they are sure to be a friendly critter.

On the flip side, a few pets I am NOT fond of (although I hear they make good apartment pets):

• Snakes (not because they’re “scary”, but because they eat my friend mouse and just lie there for the most part)

• Fish (they do not provide me with enough entertainment)

• Birds (so loud and messy, way too annoying for me)

• Ferrets (although they can be quite funny to watch, I’ve had personal bad experiences with one evil ferret…and they smell disgusting!)

So there you have it. My suggestions for some fun critters to liven up your life. Let us know what type of animals you have found to make awesome pets, send pictures of your sweet cuddle bugs in, or disagree and argue me with the animals I have chosen!

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