Things that HAVE happened in the past 7 years while I have been a pet sitter:

Things that HAVE happened in the past 7 years while I have been a pet sitter:

Danielle Vasta Bellas House and Pets

Danielle “Bella” Vasta

This blog post was originally published in August 2010 and whilst my anecdotes might be old they’re still very relevant.  After being in business since late 2008, this is still quite common…  

I just need for you to come by for 10 minutes to let my dog outside.

My cat only needs a visit every second day.

My cat is an outdoor cat, you only need to check the food and water.

I’ve got Guinea Pigs/Rats/Snakes that only require you to come by every other day.

How much will that be?

By Bella Vasta [ SOURCE ]

I have been getting this question frequently these days. More people are looking to cut costs, which is understandable if you are one of those people who believe everything that is written in the newspaper or heard on the TV. However – especially in these times, can one really cut short the care they give to their home and pets?

Being a professional pet sitting company it is our DUTY to our clients to take our job seriously. In my own mind taking it seriously means having enough time at a home to accurately deal, assess, and care for our clients homes and pets. Our home, is our sanctuary, place we can feel at ease, please where you are safe. Our pets, are members of our family! Cutting cost on the care of one’s home or pets while they are not there is one of the biggest risks one could take when they go away. They could come back to NO home!

Things that HAVE happened in the past 7 years while I have been a pet sitter:

Four legged client was peeing blood. A trip to the emergency vet proved initially that it was a bladder infection. Further investigation showed that it was a tumor inside the pet and it was cancer.

Children left the sugar cereal out leaving a 40 ft trail of ants leading all the way from a crack outside into the kitchen. Those creatures are amazing! We were able to get an exterminator over before they infested the whole home!

A client, while in their back yard WITH their pet has had a hawk swoop down and carry away their beloved pet! This ended tragically.

I have been on walks where we have encountered javalina. Throwing stones will scare them, unless you encounter a mama with her cubs.

I have pulled up to a home where there was a BOBCAT trotting around the front walk way. Imagine if the client had a doggy door and a small pet?

Another clients home was very warm in one area of the home. It was a wing that I wasn’t even doing overnights in. Although because I was able to notice the change in tempature and get a AC Repair Company, the SPARK that the shortage casued didn’t start a fire because we were there to stop it before it got worse.

So may things have happened over the years. Imagine if there was just a friend running in and out of your home? Or better yet – a neighborhood child who checks on your pets when they “happen” to remember to go over?

I can readily think of some very real and recent cases myself of neglect by friends and/or neighbours:

I was hired to do the morning visits and the client was relying upon his neighbour to do the afternoon visits.  All the food had already been ‘made’ for each morning and afternoon visit (for which I was thankful).  On my last morning visit the neighbour walks through the gate and is surprised to see me (and vice versa).  He was a bit confused.  It seems he had not done ANY of the afternoon visits and got his wires crossed in regards to key access to the property (didn’t remember the instructions properly).  I’m lucky the dog was otherwise healthy (as I do a snout to tail assessment), had plenty of water and was fed by me routinely each morning.

Another where the neighbour had been asked to check in on the puppy. I was only hired to do the afternoon visits.  This was obviously not enough or else the puppy had not be adequately exercised !  The puppy was trying to dig his way out under (and thus through) the front gate/door.  I noticed this and took steps to at least try to make it a lot harder for the puppy to continue digging in this particular spot.  The neighbour obviously had only really thrown him some food and left it at that to the detriment of the puppy.  If the puppy had been properly exercised (a good long run/walk), it wouldn’t have been as destructive between visits.

Another client hired me as a dog walker even though they had someone being a house sitter because they didn’t trust the house sitter was adequately exercising their dogs.

This is a very serious matter. Our small fee can really help give you the peace of mind that you can come home to your home in once peace and your fur baby healthy.

The following quote from Bella in her blog post is especially true for Gold Coast Pet Sitting even though we charge based on time – it is not unheard of for us to spend extra time with the animals in our care whenever possible.  Our first priority is the animals + if we need to spend a little extra time at a booking for whatever reason we will.  We all work together as a team.

We are a professional pet sitting company and I take this very seriously. … We are there for however long it takes to ensure that the routine for your pet has been preformed, they are happy and your home is safe. If they decide to take a longer walk, make a mess that we need to clean up, plants need to be watered, this is all included in our fee. We are a professional company, providing a professional service.

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